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Which kitchen gadgets do I need?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Many people always ask the same question, which kitchen gadgets do I need? The truth is that there is no exact answer since we are all different people with different needs.

If you are a person who runs the kitchen at home or an independent young worker who doesn't have much time to cook but wants to use the kitchen to his benefit to reduce the costs of eating out every day, some gadgets will meet your particular needs.

This list is not a must-have but general recommendations that utensils can be useful for most people. More detail will be put into every item soon, comparing brands and price ranges.

Pan Lid Organizer

Easily one of the most annoying items to try to organize, noisy, and take a lot of space, thankfully, the market now offers plenty of optimal solutions for this dilemma. From vertical to cabinet door organizers, there's plenty of options to choose from.

Rice Cooker

Rice goes with practically everything; it leaves us satisfied. It's economical if you are a person who continually makes rice in a pot on the stove, the rice cooker is an excellent option.

It not only frees up your cooking area but does the job by itself, and once finished keeps your rice warm for when you're ready to eat, it's a win-win for us.

Slow Cooker

In the same concept as the rice cooker, but even more versatile, slow cookers can do so many different dishes from stews to pasta dishes and soups, just put all your ingredients in the pot, set the timer, and leave it, by the time you are ready your food will be done.


What better way to start the day than a freshly squeezed juice, juicers are ideal because they extract all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables, giving you the maximum benefit. As it is a drink, your body absorbs it faster. As a bonus, the remaining fiber can make healthy bread, cakes, or as compost for your garden.


As useful as a juicer and lets you blend vegetables for a soup, make a fruit juice with its fiber, or prepare different foods, it saves a lot of time, and washing is effortless.


Whether it's the classic metal or silicone folding, there is no more useful product than a strainer. For pasta, rice, vegetables, fruits, whatever you need, there is no more efficient tool to separate liquids from solids.

Rubber spatulas

Easy to use and clean silicone spatulas are an ally in both the kitchen and confectionery, personally what we like most about this type of spatulas is that their flexibility allows us to take out all the food from a bowl or a pan.

Leakproof and airtight food containers

Both very necessary, our favorites are the plastic and glass ones, the first ones we use to store cereals, pasta, rice, legumes, and other dry ingredients, the glass ones are excellent for meat, fish, or seafood since glass is odor resistant.

So there you guys have it, a small list of some great kitchen gadgets but trust us there's so much on the market, and every one of them will satisfy different needs, we will cover as many as we can, so make sure to join our mailing list to receive updates as soon as new content is published.

Happy Cooking!

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