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Top 5 best pizza ovens + buyer guide

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Kitchen appliances are useful creations to help us save time and money in the kitchen and get creative and cook our favorite meals at home.

Pizza ovens a perfect addition for those who enjoy pizzas frequently but don't want to overspend on fast food. By cooking your pizzas, you can get creative, add the toppings of your preference, and even meet specific dietary requirements.

The pizza oven is a fantastic kitchen gadget to use when you want to host parties with friends or fun weekend movie marathons; it is a great way to have fun without spending much money as you stay indoors.

Check out this selection with some of the best pizza ovens online that cover all budgets.

Comparative table between Pizza Ovens

Quick tips for finding the best pizza oven

Follow these quick tips to find the best pizza oven, we have a full review below, but this is a summary if you can't read the complete guide or keep in mind while shopping.


Some pizza ovens do more than cook pizzas; specific models also cook chicken, pasta, and even bake bread and desserts; of course, this will impact the final price.

Material quality

Most pizza ovens are made of either plastic or stainless steel; both are easy to clean.

If you can touch the appliance before purchasing, press the surface to see if it budges, you want the pizza oven to feel sturdy, if you are shopping online, read reviews that may talk about this point or ask the seller.


It might not be crucial for everyone, but some models have bold colors for fun kitchens, while others are modern looking with a stainless steel finish to match other appliances. Luckily, there are plenty of models to choose from nowadays.


Make sure your pizza oven will fit into your kitchen, especially if you plan to buy a significant appliance to host events or parties, and measure the space where you plan to place it.


Always select easy to clean materials or materials with easy to clean exterior finish, because steam and some grease are released.

How much should you spend on your pizza oven?

There are different price ranges in the market; we should consider how many people and how frequently they will consume pizzas. Is it once a week or more?.

That should give you an idea of how big the appliance (bigger ovens are better for larger family size pizzas and smaller for couples) and if more features would be desired, as those details will impact the price.

Pizza ovens below $50

The materials used are okay, and these ovens do not offer many features; they are great for smaller pizzas; if you don't want to break the bank or have a small kitchen with little storage space, this might be an excellent budget-friendly alternative.

Pizza ovens above $50

The price can go as high as $200 depending on what are you looking for; some of these pizza ovens are multi-purpose and will also cook and bake other things besides pizza; they have better materials such as stainless steel and more features, great for large pizzas, for that same reason, these are better for big kitchens with enough storage space on the cabinets or pantry.

Recommended Products and Best Rated


Our first choice is the best-rated Amazon; the Presto Pizzaz Plus Rotating Oven is made of stainless steel in a black finish, perfect for a modern looking kitchen.

The rotating tray is made of non-stick materials to make cleaning more comfortable, it also features two ways of heating; top and bottom, and you can also select which elements heat. The rotation on the oven creates an even bake.

The control also has a mechanical timer, which automatically turns off the heating elements when done. This oven will save 60% energy compared to regular ovens.

There is no need to pre-heat, and you can make pizzas as big as 12", fresh or frozen, and you can also use it for other food, such as lof bread, fish sticks, fish patties, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and different types of finger food.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Easy to clean

Modern sleek design

Up to 12"



Bulky appliance

Not a long term appliance


This is a great option for those who want to buy a pizza oven for casual use or for parties without investing too much money, also a great housewarming gift idea.


Wisco's next appliance is one of the best rated in this category; people love how well it cooks their pizzas!

Made of stainless steel, is the perfect match for most appliances, the design is simple but efficient, it gives a professional look, like the type of oven a chef would use.

The interior has an opening of 20" and can fit pizzas as big as 16" the tray is removable for comfortable handling and adequately cleaning it.

The LED digital dial lets you select the right temperature, features also a 30-minute display.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Large capacity

Easy to clean

Modern design

Great pricepoint


No beeper to indicate when the pizza is done

Sometimes you could get smoke, be attentive of the cooking time

The door doesn't properly seal


Perfect pizza oven with a modern look, you will have perfectly cooked pizzas, with an even brown at the bottom, for the price point you are getting a powerful pizza oven.


We present you the cheapest option on Amazon by the trusted brand Betty Crocker; this small pizza maker is made of metal with a red finish, which looks beautiful on any kitchen; it gives a lovely old school diner style.

You don't have to turn on the oven to enjoy a pizza; the compact pizza maker can also make quesadillas, nachos, frittatas, quiche, croissants, and other delicious snacks.

The non-stick coating is perfect for cooking and clean-up.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Cute design


Easy to clean


No On/Off button

Gets very hot, handle with care


This adorable pizza maker is a great choice for any small kitchen, you can use it to make pizzas or other finger foods, it is easy to clean and store. Get it as a perfect gift for your loved ones.


A lovely pizza oven with an old-style, made of stainless steel is very easy to clean, the double-layered ceiling offers to heat similar to the ones on brick ovens.

The front features a red valve to control the flame strength, the large opening lets you cook pizzas, bread, meat, cakes, and much more.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Modern design


Easy to clean

Perfect for outdoor parties


No lid

Bulky appliance


This pizza oven is rather large but perfect for outdoor cooking, it can fit two regular pizzas and it lets control the flame, no need for electricity so you can bring it on your car for a camping trip.


Our last pick is the convection oven by Ninja Foodi, the modern design is compact enough to fit any counter, stand it vertically to save 50% space.

The Ninja Foodi is the perfect choice for a home with a large family, this oven not only cooks pizzas but also air fryers, air roasts, air broils, bakes, toasts, keeps warms, and dehydrates food.

Easy to clean it includes a removable tray that picks crumbs and grease, also a removable back panel for deep cleaning.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Modern design


Easy to clean

Saves space


Cleaning is necessary after each use, especially if you cook greasy food

Cook times are off from the instruction manual


The ideal choice for large families, this oven not only bakes but also air friyers, bakes, and dehydrates your food, it takes little space in the kitchen and is super easy to clean if you are looking for a small oven that can do it all, this is the one!

Still not sure about which pizza oven is the best one for you? Please read our full shopping guide below.

Things to keep in mind before buying a pizza oven


There are some compact pizza ovens perfect for small apartments, lofts, dorms, RV's, and homes; you can store them on a top cabinet or vertically to save more space.

Other pizza ovens are big, ideal for parties and large families. You can create big pizzas to share with friends and put different flavors per section; we recommend a small or medium for most families, as they won't take much space in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.


Related to size, larger pizza ovens will let you cook big pizzas great for families, while small pizza ovens are perfect for small apartments and campus.


You won't have to clean them thoroughly after every use, but it is advised to clean it after a couple of benefits to sanitize and avoid food contamination.

Ensure the exterior has a smooth surface that makes it easier to clean; when it comes to the interior, it will depend on the design and check if you can dismount the trays where you place the pizza to wash it properly. In general, these machines can't be submerged in water, except for some parts, using a damp microfiber cloth will do the job.

Other uses and features

As we have seen in this list, pizza ovens are quite versatile and will also make quesadillas, cinnamon rolls, and many other meals, adding value to your appliance.

What is a pizza oven, and how it works?

It is a kitchen appliance to cook pizzas at home, saving you money by not ordering fast food.

The appliance design is similar to a waffle maker; it features a bottom and top plate in a non-stick coating that will heat, cook the pizza, and melt the cheese.

The top lid includes a dial typically to control the temperature setting and the timer, and some other appliances even feature a keep warm or turn off the option.

These appliances help you create delicious treats at any time of the day and add your favorite toppings.

How to use a pizza oven?

If you have purchased a pizza oven, you may be wondering how to cook with it; not all models work precisely the same; for this reason, we recommend reading the instruction manual or asking the seller, but here we share some tips if you bought a pizza oven.

Before turning on the pizza oven, prepare your pizza with your desired toppings and sauces; as these appliances heat up fast, there is no need to pre-heat like regular ovens.

Once it is heated, carefully place your pizza, close the lid and select the desired temperature and time, check other features if they are included.

After the pizza is done with oven mitts, remove it and place it on a pizza dish.

Reasons to buy a pizza oven.

Fast food is a meal favorite, but it can be pretty expensive, just for one meal. Instead, you can buy a pizza oven and make your meals at home.

You can enjoy a wide variety of pizzas and add as many toppings as you like; they are also a great appliance to host parties, all for a fraction of the price compared to store-bought pizza.

Present a table with the pizza oven to the side, your pizza bread stacked on a dish, and different small bowls with toppings like shredded salami, sliced hot dog, minced brown beef, sweet corn, pickles, french fries, tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, tuna, and anything you can think of! Don't forget the mozzarella cheese.

Don't forget the different spices and sauces; your friends and family will love the idea.

How to choose the best pizza oven

Nowadays, there are plenty of different pizza ovens to choose from in the market, with different designs and finishes, great to use at home or for a small business. Here are some tips to consider to find the best pizza oven.


A key feature is electric appliances, with more power, they will cook your pizza faster, but they will also consume more energy.

We recommend checking how many pizzas you plan to cook on average, as a higher power consumption cooker might not be necessary, and you don't want to burn the pizza bread either.


In general, most pizza ovens are straightforward to use; some feature more options, but it shouldn't give you much of an issue if you read the user manual.

Cooking time

Depending on how many pizzas you plan to serve at a time, if it is just you and your family, this will not matter much as there is not much of a hurry; however, if you plan to use it for parties or events, you will want a good quality oven that doesn't take too long.


The materials it is built on are the best way to determine your pizza oven's lifespan. We prefer stainless steel as it is easy to clean, the material lasts longer, and if it is adequately built, it will resist many uses.

Plastic options are great, too but always be careful with the heat to avoid damage and select BPA-free plastic.


It will vary depending on how big the appliance is; the price varies as more pizzas can be prepared in one batch; other things will influence the price, such as additional features, material quality, and brand name.


If you want to use it at home, you may be looking for a pizza oven that matches your kitchen style or want something fun with a witty design and bold colors for an incredible housewarming gift.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it at events, an eye-catching design with a display will attract potential customers.

How to clean a pizza oven?

With all appliances, cleaning is vital to avoid contamination or food poisoning; luckily, modern pizza ovens are easy to dismount and clean.

Always read the cleaning and caring instructions of the particular product, check if the washable parts are dishwasher safe, and clean the electric components with a microfiber cloth. If there are stains or food scraps, use a damp cloth.

We recommend handwashing to avoid scratches to the surfaces and use a soft sponge with some liquid dish soap and lukewarm water.

Where to buy a pizza oven?

If you plan to buy a pizza oven, you may be aware that there are many stores online and physical where you can get them; here are some of our suggestions.


It offers plenty of choices, and if you have a Prime subscription, it will arrive faster, their customer service is excellent, and the reviews are a useful guide.

Retail stores

Their kitchen sections offer some hot dog cookers; their main benefit is seeing and trying the product you are buying.

We hope this top 5 best pizza ovens list helps you find the perfect model to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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