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Top 5 best portable ice makers + shopping guide

Updated: Jul 19

Now that summer is in full bloom in the Northern Hemisphere we want an ice cold drink to freshen up, there is nothing worse than drinking a room temperature soda or tea when its burning up, portable ice makers are here to cool down your drinks.

In this article we are reviewing some of the most popular portable ice makers on Amazon and present you with the 5 best options.

Comparative table between Portable Ice Makers 2020

Recommended Products and Best Rated


The first ice maker draws our attention with its sleek and elegant design without any big logo.

on sight which is rather unsual on small appliances. It can make two type of ice cubes, small and large ice cubes. It can make 1.5 Lbs of ice cubes at a time, and 26 Lbs in 24 hours.

The control is very simple and the plastic transparent lid let's you see how much ice has been made so far. All you have to do is pour cold water and plug the ice maker and in 6 to 8 minutes the ice cubes will start appearing.

This ice cube maker includes a basket and a scoop, requires no installation, take it out the box and is ready to start making ice. The smart design allows the residual water to be reused to create more ice cubes. Made of ABS ideal for homes with children.

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Up to 26 Lbs in 24 hours

Starts making ice in 6 to 8 minutes

Easy to use

Includes a basket and scoop


Small ice cubes

Empty fast as ice cubes melt inside


Homelabs ice maker makes ice cubes fast and is easy to use, includes an auto off option and warning lights that triggers when the water tank is empty or the ice cube basket is full. Includes a scoop to serve the ice cubes, this is an ideal maker for home bars and pools.


This modern design ice maker is compact and can fit most countertops, great for small kitchens on apartments or small loft and studios.

It can produce 9 ice cubes in 6 minutes on average and up to 26.5 Lbs per day, slighty above the average daily amount.

The ice maker lets you choose between small and large ice bullet shaped cubes, the hollow design is ideal for alcoholic drink as it won't dilute it as much as a regular ice cube would.

The design with the transparent lid lets you see how much ice is there and you can easily remove it with the basket and scoop.

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Up to 26.5 Lbs in 24 hours

Starts making ice in 6 minutes

Easy to use

Includes a basket and scoop


Small rounded ice cubes

Empty fast as ice cubes melt inside


This is a compact ice maker, ideal for small homes and offices, as it can make enough ice for a small gathering, the control panel is easy to use and is quiet ideal if you have babies and don't want to bother them.


This elegant design by the well known American brand Frigidaire, features a large see through plastic lid how much ice there is and a LED light to let you know when the basket is full.

Makes ice in less than 6 minutes and produces 26 Lbs of ice in 24 hours. You can also choose between two ice sizes, great for small servings or to put on a large pitcher for your favorite summer drinks.

You can choose between silver, black, red and copper color to match all your appliances and fit your kitchen style. The ice maker includes an ice basket and a shovel. Cleaning is a breeze just unplugg and pour all the residual water, dry with a clean cloth.

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Up to 26.5 Lbs in 24 hours

Starts making ice in 6 minutes

Easy to use

Includes a basket and shovel


Small rounded ice cubes

Empty fast as ice cubes melt inside


A modern ice maker from a trustable brand with many years in the market, great choice for small apartments and to host BBQ parties, you can choose your favorite color.


A beautiful design suited for a modern style kitchen, the square shape of this appliance makes it perfect to store on kitchen cabinets without wasting space, this ice maker creates denser and harder ice cubes, these ice cubes will last longer as they are not hollow. Great to use if you host parties with alcoholic drinks as these ice cubes won't dilute the beverages.

You can start serving one batch of ice cubes in 15 minutes. Great to start prepping everything else while the ice maker works. The large 2.2 L tank will keep a good supply of ice going before a refill.

You can choose between three ice cube sizes, small, medium and large, to cool all drinks no matter how the glass or pitches is.

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Starts making large ice batches in 15 minutes

Large 2.2 L tank gives a lot of ice before refilling

Square dense ice cubes that won't melt as fast

Easy to use control panel


Empty fast as ice cubes melt inside


A perfect ice maker to use with alcoholic drinks as it won't dilute them, ideal to host adult parties with friends, this ice maker can work for a while before needing a refill which is a major plus, as we want to have fun not worry about if the ice maker has enough cold water to keep going.


Another best seller on Amazon, this thin ice maker can fit into any countertop and creates bullet shaped ice in 6 minutes and 26 Lbs in 24 hours. Great to host parties.

The smart design lets you create ice in a breeze, pour cold water, plug it in, turn it on, set it and forget it till you are ready to serve some delicious ice tea drinks.

The ice maker lets you choose between two sizes: small and large and the set includes an ice basket and shovel to make the job even easier as you can transport the ice outside great option if you have no power outlet in your yard.

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Starts making large ice batches in 6 minutes

Small footprint ideal for tiny kitchens

Easy to use control panel


Empty fast as ice cubes melt inside


Great ice maker for small apartments and homes, the basket lets you bring your ice cubes outdoors and leave the ice maker in your kitchen.

Shopping guide to find the best Ice Makers

These are some questions customers may wonder and we clear them out here to help you make the best decision.

What type of Ice Makers exist?

There are basically two types, the ones who work on a larger scale for places like restaurants, movie theaters and bars and the portable ones which are ideal for homes, offices, studios and small businesses.

Size & Capacity

The average portable ice maker is around 15 x 10 x 15 inches and the capacity is 1.5 Lbs, most portable ice makers create an average of 26 Lbs every 24 hours, this is more than enough to cover the necessities of regular households and people.

There are much larger machines but keep in mind they will take up more space, are potentially more noisy, expensive and will consume a lot of energy to work.

Ice Maker Potency

The average voltage varies between 110v and 200v, keep in mind that the more watts an ice maker has, the faster it will create ice cubes but to do so it will consume more energy, something to keep in mind as it could affect your monthly energy bill.

How do Ice Makers work?

Ice Makers work fairly simply, all you have to do is pour cold water, programm the amount of ice you want to create and wait until the first ice cubes start appearing, once the basket is full you have to take the ice cubes out if you want more ice, keep in mind that some ice makers won't keep the ice cubes cold once turned off, so they will melt away.

A common issue with most ice makers is that the first ice cubes are fairly small, a trick is to let them melt and use the second or third batch of ice cubes as those will have a proper shape.

Ice Maker types

Even though there are many brands in the market, its important to note that there are three type of ice makers.

Autonomous: The ice cube tray to pick it up is included in the machine, this gives the machine a smaller fooprint but also produces less ice cube on average.

Modulated: Usually the storage deposit is separated and they come in different sizes, most of the time the two parts can be piled on each other making it look like one unit, this makes the cleaning process much easier.

Under counter: Similar to the autonomous type, is compact and provides ice without taking up much space, the problem is that it empties fast so more batches need to be done frequently.

What is an Ice Maker?

Appliances that are found both for commercial and residencial use, they provide with ice cube in little time, making them an affordable and convenient appliance especially for domestic use.

How to choose the best Ice Maker?

These are some of the key features one must look when searching for the ideal ice maker.

Ice production

You have to think how much ice you want to have per day, are you hosting a party frequently, just you and your partner, these scenarios will help you decide. For most households a portable ice maker is more than enough, if you have a business then a large ice maker might be a better option.

The lowest average amount of ice these appliances make is 13 Lbs and the highest average is 26 Lbs, thats between 250 up to 500 ice cubes depending on the appliance.

Water supply

This is another important factor, most domestic ice makers include a small water tank to fill with cold water, so they require electricity to operate.

These are very practical machines and the fact that you can fill them with water from a jar or a bottle makes them even practical to use outdoors as long as there is an electricity outlet near, some models are even directly connected to the water supply but we personally prefer the first type as they can be moved around.

Types of ice

Most portable ice makers can create small and large ice cubes, some are even capable of producing crushed ice great for cold desserts like smoothies. The shapes also vary some machines create hollow ice cubes, while others rounded or square shapes.

Other things to keep in mind

Some ice makers include in the set useful accessories like scoops, removable trays or baskets, some appliances can recycle the water to create more ice cubes.

How frequently will you use the Ice Maker?

These appliances tend to last longer as they are used mostly during the spring and summer seasons and alsom if you plan to use them sporadically like birthday parties or BBQ, you can store it without a problem, just make sure its fully dry to avoid mold growth.

If you on the other hand want to give it a more constant use like at an office, you can leave it on and there should be no issue.

How to clean the Ice Maker?

The most important thing is to remove any residue water to stop mold growth or the new ice cubes have a stale taste to them.

Outside from that point, these appliances don't require much cleaning, just make sure there are no ice cubes left.

Where can I install an Ice Maker?

Portable ice makers do not take much space so they will be ok on most spaces but we must make sure the room temperature is ideal as that could affect the ice quality.

  • Temperature should be between or 10°C and or 38°C max.

  • Leave some space surrounding the machine as that makes cleaning easy and allows an optimal air flow.

  • Don't place near heat emission appliances like stoves or ovens.

  • Placed near an energy outlet.

  • As practical as it may seem don't place it near a sink.

  • If the ice maker also has a water filter or purifier consider leaving extra space for it.

  • Plug the machine on a space where it can be easily moved around if necessary.

Where to buy the best Ice Maker?


By far the largest online retailer, they offer ice makers for all budgets, and to cover all requirements.

Retail Stores

They also offer some great ice makers but the variety is not comparable to online retailers as they carry a larger offer since its all digital.

Hope these tips helped you find the best ice maker for you.

Note: There is a small error in the table, the correct Best Rate and Cheapest model are switched, the right categories are below the table in the product descriptions.

We hope you find the best portable ice maker with our list and use the full shopping guide to make an informed decision.

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