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Top 7 best ice cream rollers + buyer guide

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Check out this complete guide with the best ice cream roller in the market.

Kitchen appliances are so diverse that we have one for every little craving we might have, and ice cream is a popular choice, especially during the hot summer days.

A new trendy and fun way to eat ice cream is in rolls; they are fun to make with your friends, kids, and family.

Plus, you can get creative and do your favorite flavors, or dairy-free options, host parties in your backyard, and serve ice cream rolls with different toppings for a delicious sweet treat for a fraction of the price compared to store-bought ice cream rolls.

Please read our full shopping guide and check out our comparative table to make the best decision.

Comparative table between Ice Cream Rollers

Quick tips for finding the best ice cream roller

Follow these quick tips to find the best ice cream roller, we have a full review below, but this is a summary if you can't read the complete guide or keep in mind while shopping.


Most ice cream rollers are just for this specific function; you can always check if it can also roll non-dairy options and how cold it can get as it can serve as a cooling tray for beverages or cold snacks.

Material quality

Most ice cream rollers have a plastic exterior with a metal plate to roll the dice, although some fancier options feature a bamboo base and marble slabs to mix the ice cream.


You can choose between the two popular designs, a circular or a rectangular ice cream roller, pick the right one for you depending on your kitchen space; most of them are easy to store vertically with cutting boards.


Depending on how many people will be served to pick the right size, no matter how big the ice cream roller is, you will always make one serving each time; the only difference is how big the serving could be and measuring the space you plan to place it.


Always select easy to clean materials or materials with easy to clean exterior finish, because we work with sweet ingredients, the ice cream roller will get sticky.

How much should you spend on your ice cream roller?

There are different price ranges in the market; we should consider how many people and how frequently they will consume ice cream rolls. These types of kitchen gadgets get more use during the summer days.

The average price for an ice cream roller is between $30 and $40 US dollars.

That should give you an idea of how big the ice cream roller should be, and the materials made with, as those details will impact the price.

Recommended Products and Best Rated

BEST SELLER - Chef'n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

The first choice in our list is the most popular ice cream roller on Amazon, sold by the brand Chef'n comes this compact ice cream roller.

Made of stainless steel, you have to place it in the freezer before use, and is recommended to re-freeze for a couple of extra minutes between each serving (especially during summer). Just pour your mixture and start rolling.

Safe to use with children, and easy to wash. The set includes two spatulas, an ice cream scooper, and a recipe book.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews.


Perfect for small families

Compact and easy to store

Easy to clean


Must be refrozen after each serving


This is an ideal ice cream roller for small families or couples, not recommended for larger crowds, as you have to re-freeze between servings, otherwise, this is a simple option that works as promised.

BEST RATED - Whynter ICR-300SS

Our second pick is the best-rated ice cream roller on Amazon, the modern design by Whynter.

The big appliance actually operates with a standard 115v, the stainless steel design features a built-in compressor freezer that will keep the working surface cold in less than five minutes perfect to roll a lot of ice creams at parties.

The bottom features suction legs to keep the ice cream roller in place as you work, and a power button, the set includes two spatulas with wood handles for easier control.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews.


Keeps the working surface cold

Perfect for parties

Easy to clean

Modern design


Larger appliance

Requires more space to store


This is a great ice cream roller for big families or for those who want to parties or events with family and friends, it is small enough to carry around and will keep cold thanks to its built-in compressor freezer.

CHEAPEST - Classic Cuisine Store Ice Cream Roller

Don't let the price fool you, this small ice cream roller by Classic Cuisine Store does what it promises and you will have perfectly rolled ice cream in minutes.

It is fun and easy to use, simply place the ice cream roller for 24 hours before using it to make sure it is ice-cold (we suggest re-freezing after a few moments to keep it cold).

The small gadget is perfect to store in any kitchen cabinet as it takes minimal space, the set includes two plastic spatulas.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews.



Easy to use

Easy to clean



Small servings only

Must be re-frozen between uses


This small ice cream roller is cheap and efficient, perfect for those who want a sweet treat every once in a while without investing a lot of money, simply place it in the freezer before use and you are ready to roll! the set includes two spatulas.

Toscana Ice Cream Roller Parlor

Check out this gorgeous ice cream roller by Toscana, it will be a delight for your parties and a great conversation piece.

The base is made of bamboo, the perfect material to clean and also anti-bacterial, the working slab is made of marble and the small containers are made of ceramic in a white glossy finish.

Ideal piece to use at picnics or patio parties. Freeze the marble slab before use to customize your favorite cold desserts or two rolls some ice cream. It also includes two metal mixing paddles.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews.


Elegant design

Easy to use

Easy to clean

A lot of accessories


Small servings only

Must be re-frozen between uses

Not mainly used to roll ice cream


If you want to surprise your guests get this beautiful wooden tray with a marble slab that looks incredibly elegant at any party, you can customize different sweet cold desserts and surprise your loved ones.

E&B Ice Cream Roller

The last pick in our list is by the brand E&B and happens to be a very affordable product, perfect if you want to roll ice cream with your kids or don't want to spend too much on this gadget.

The rolling surface is made of stainless steel and features a silicone rim to handle it comfortably, the set includes two plastic spatulas as well.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews.



Easy to use

Easy to clean

Perfect for kids


Small servings only

Must be re-frozen between uses

Not mainly used to roll ice cream


This is the ideal ice cream roller for those who only want an occasional sweet treat or for fewer people, it is small and thin, so you can easily store it next to your cutting boards o trays.

Still not sure about which ice cream roller is the best one for you? Please read our full shopping guide below.

Things to keep in mind before buying an ice cream roller

Nowadays, there are plenty of different ice cream rollers to choose from in the market, with different designs, great to use at home. Here are some tips to consider to find the best ice cream roller.


Most ice cream rollers sold in stores for domestic use are compact, perfect fit for any small or big kitchen, apartment, or camping.

The tray to roll the ice should be large enough to let you roll the ice comfortably.


Depending on how big each serving will be, get a larger ice cream roller; although you can create two servings with some ice cream rollers, the average is one for a good size serving.


You have to clean the ice cream roller after finish using them correctly; if they stay sticky, it will attract dust and bugs.

Ice cream rollers can be submerged in water as there are no electric parts, so use lukewarm with some liquid dish soap and a soft sponge; check if the ice cream roller is dishwasher safe still recommend handwashing.


In general, most ice cream rollers are straightforward to use; always read the manufacturer instructions, but usually, all you need to do is let the roller in the freezer before using.


The materials it is built are the best way to determine your ice cream roller's lifespan. We prefer stainless steel slabs as it is easy to clean, the material lasts longer, and if it is adequately built, it will resist many uses.


This changes depending on the size, brand, and design, but most ice cream rollers are not expensive, making them a great housewarming gift idea.


If you want to use it at home, you may want an ice cream roller that matches your kitchen style or want something fun with a witty design; most ice cream rollers feature simple yet modern designs that will fit any kitchen.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it at parties, an eye-catching design will become an attraction.

Other features

Always check to see what other pieces might be included in the set, such as rolling paddles or recipe books.

What is an ice cream roller, and how to use it?

It is a small kitchen appliance to prepare ice cream rolls of all kinds, perfect for families, and get children involved in safe kitchen activities.

Ice cream rollers have to be frozen before use; once they are chilled, you pour the liquid and with the paddle, start moving it around; the cold temperature will gradually solidify and create a thin layer of ice cream that is rolled and served on a waffle cone or a small bowl.

These appliances help you create delicious treats at any time of the day and add your favorite toppings.

Reasons to buy an ice cream roller

Create delicious summer sweet treats for a fraction of the price.

Because you control the ice cream ingredients, it can be a lower calory snack.

A fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen.

Customize the ice cream with your favorite flavors and toppings.

Create vegan and non-dairy ice cream options for lactose-intolerant people.

How to clean an ice cream roller?

Like any kitchen utensil, cleaning is vital to avoid contamination or food poisoning; luckily, ice cream rollers are easy to dismount and clean.

Always read the cleaning and caring instructions of the particular product, check if the ice cream roller is dishwasher safe, or use a damp cloth.

We recommend handwashing, use a soft sponge with some liquid dish soap and lukewarm water.

What is the difference between regular and rolled ice cream?

Even though they are both sweet cold treats, the preparation methods are different; on a regular ice cream machine, you pour the liquid into a frozen bowl, slowly turning, resulting in a thicker ice cream consistency. This is the classic ice cream that you scoop out.

However, with ice cream rollers, you stir the liquid, and since the liquid is flat on the frozen surface, there is little air compared to regular ice cream, which creates ice cream faster and with a thin shape.

Where to buy an ice cream roller?

If you are planning to buy a hot dog cooker, you may be aware that there are many stores online and physical where you can get them; here are some of our suggestions.


It offers plenty of choices, and if you have a Prime subscription, it will arrive faster, their customer service is excellent, and the reviews are a useful guide.

Retail stores

The big retail stores offer some ice cream rollers in their kitchen sections; their main benefit is seeing and trying the product you are buying.

We hope this top 7 best ice cream rollers list helps you find the perfect model to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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