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Top 10 best wooden cutting boards

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

A kitchen can have many or few utensils. Still, specific necessary tools should not be missing; one of them is cutting boards; many people do not give it the importance they deserve despite being essential to prepare food quickly and safely.

We speak in the plural because not all cutting boards are the same, and you must have individual tables for each food group and additional presentation tables if you want to have a table that looks more attractive.

In this top 15, we are focusing on wooden cutting boards. We are giving you a selection that covers all price ranges but excellent quality products.

10) John Boos® Walnut Wood Edge Grain Reversible

Illinois native brand John Boos® has been making these prime quality cutting boards since 1887.

The cutting board comes in 3 original sizes; we picked the 20x15x1.5 inches because it gives enough working area, the finishes besides walnut include maple and cherry. It's reversible and has handles to serve as a presentation table thanks to its beautiful finish.

Ideal for fine cutlery as it won't dull your knives edges as fast as other cutting board materials.

These cutting boards need different care, the first year you should avoid water and dish soap as they will take out the natural oil of the wood making it chip and crack.

A better option is to scrap the surface, use olive oil or any other cooking oil to clean, also put no expensive cutting board like this one in a dishwasher.

If you have to use dish soap because you cut meat, then go for a damp, warm fiber cloth and a bit of dish soap, don't rinse it underwater, clean it with another wet fiber cloth and finish with cooking oil.

For maintenance the first year, you want to oil it once a month, and after that, you can keep doing it once a month or as needed. Note that John Boos sells oil and cream specially designed for their cutting boards if you want a dedicated product.

John Boss offers a 1-year guarantee against fabrication or material defects.

9) Royal Craft Wood Thick Bamboo Wood

Bamboo is an excellent wood for cutting boards because of its antibacterial qualities; this butcher block is a perfect gift for house warming parties.

This professional-grade organic, eco-friendly cutting board is 15.3x10 inches, making it ideal for compact kitchens.

Its design includes a double-side reversible board and handles, works as a cutting and serving board, its design also consists of a groove to catch juices, your countertop cleaner.

Even though bamboo is antibacterial, maintenance is recommended, like all wood cutting boards you want to clean it with just a damp fiber cloth and a bit of dish soap if you cut meat.

As we always suggest avoiding cross-contamination, use the board for one type of food. To keep it away from cracking, apply some cooking oil, and let the wood absorb it.

Royal Craft Wood offers a 5-year guarantee on this product.

8) Indigo True Extra Large Bamboo

A sustainably grown bamboo cutting board is 17.5x13.5x0.75 inches, it's larger dimensions make it ideal to cut and carve meat or other larger foods like watermelons, at the same time is thin enough to carry and store easily.

The double-sided cutting makes it ideal to both cut and serve, and its deep groove helps to catch juices up to 2 ounces to catch easy on your knives and is cut-resistant, which helps minimize contamination.

Like other wooden cutting boards clean it with a wet microfiber cloth never submerge this board underwater, it will dry up the wood and increase the risk of cracking and maintain with some cooking or coconut oil.

For a warranty, contact the seller directly.

7) Allsum Large Bamboo With 3 Built-In Serving Tray

This bamboo cutting board comes in two sizes Large (17x12.6 inches) and Extra Large (19.5x15 inches); both formats are having a thickness of 0.62 inches, and their surface sanded to give a smooth finish.

It comes with a juice groove keeping your counters clean and mess-free.

Our favorite feature of this cutting board is the double side, one is a full cutting board, and the other has three built-in serving tray perfect for fruits, cheese, or other snacks. Don't put in the dishwasher as it may wrap the cutting board.

For warranty, contact the seller directly.

6) Home Hero Butcher Block

A sturdy, top-quality cutting board, 17.70x13.70 inches, and a thickness of 3.94 inches make it sturdy, providing stability when cutting.

The design is one of the best we've seen so far, it'sit's doubled sided, and we can use it as a deluxe cheese tray, a beautiful centerpiece on a dinner party, the handles on both sides make it easy to carry it around.

A perfect house warming party comes in a black box, and the set includes a cheese knife, a knife sharpener, and a brush to keep the board clean.

The product comes with a user manual, and if you have questions, the seller will answer back in 24 hours.

5) Jamie Oliver Acacia Wood Small

From famous chef Jamie Oliver, you can find this acacia wood cutting board in two small and large sizes.

We like the small one better to do every day small chores, like chopping parsley or cutting a banana and strawberries for a quick smoothie.

The classic design with the single handle is ideal for quick cooking, as you can easily lift the board to put the chopped ingredients on a pot or a pan.

It has a matte lacquer finish to protect from bacteria, don't put it in the dishwasher. Jamie Oliver brand 25-years guarantee.

4) Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo 3 Piece Set

This set is the ideal gift for a family or a household that cooks every day; the three-piece set comes with these sizes 15X10X0.6, 12x8x0.6, and 9x6x0.6 inches, all made from organic bamboo.

We would recommend the small board cut herbs and little veggies or fruits; we could use the medium and large one for larger fruits, vegetables, or meats, remember not to mix them to avoid cross-contamination.

The design has handles to carry it easily, and the finish is smooth to be gentle on your knife edge.

Royal Craft Wood offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the boards don't meet your expectations.

3) Seville Classics Easy-to-Clean 7 Color-Coded Flexible Cutting Mats

What a fantastic option for a small kitchen, this bamboo cutting board comes with 7 color-coded mats and the best part is they all have their unique icons, this way you will never cross-contaminate your foods and your cutting board will be damage-free.

The mats are silicone and hug the cutting board, avoiding slips and accidents; the mats include vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, poultry, dough, and baked goods. The cutting board measures 16.5" x 13.4" x 1.2"and the cutting board mats measure 15" x 12" x .03" each.

Another positive design about this cutting board is the hollow bottom, so no moisture kept inside, causing mold to grow.

2) Woodberg Professional Butcher Block

This exquisite 24x18 inches and 2 inches thick cutting board is on the pricey side, but what an art piece is.

For professional or experienced cooks, we don't recommend for newbies as this is a significant investment.

Ideal for big kitchens and people who cook larger amounts, the smooth finish will make your knife last longer, if you own an expensive collection of knives, you need a cutting board on the same level.

One side has a groove for juices, and the other is flat, perfect to use it as a serving tray (and who wouldn't want to use such a gorgeous piece as a table center!).

To take care of this cutting board, apply the same tips as in number 10 cutting board.

Woodberg gives a lifetime warranty.

1) Greener Chef Small Cutting Board

Even though this was not a top 10 from worst to best, we wanted to put as our number 1, this small cheap cutting board, because it will serve anyone, whether you cook large or small amounts or if your kitchen is in a small flat or a big house.

The Greener Chef small cutting is ideal for everyday use as it takes virtually no space and is lightweight, which means you can also take it with you for camping or a picnic.

Made from organic bamboo, it also comes in medium and large size, we like the small as a serving tray for snacks, fruits, or veggies too!

We also love their current promotion, enter the code GRCHEF10 at checkout and save 10% on two or more Greener Chef products, hurry and get this promo while it lasts!

We hope this list helps you out, making the best choice to cover your needs.

Happy Cooking!

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