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PowerLix milk frother foam maker review

Updated: Jul 13

The new hot trend is foam makers, and honestly, are we surprised? Who doesn't love that creamy foam on top of their favorite from their local coffee shop, we surely do.

There's plenty of electric frothers nowadays; we want to focus on an Amazon top seller. PowerLix Milk Pro gives you the chance to treat yourself every day to a lovely warm cup of cappuccino for a fraction of the price you would typically pay at a coffee store.

PowerLix Milk Pro is a stainless steel frother that guarantees it will last you for many years to come has an ergonomic design making it very easy to hold and foam your milk.

It comes with a stand so that it won't rattle inside your utensils cabinet. It looks neat on your coffee station. It's perfect for smaller kitchens like the ones you see on small flats or lofts; we recommend this frother for offices since they take very little space is ideal for a nice coffee cup while talking about businesses or new projects.

You can find it in red, black, and silver, our favorite is black because it never goes out of style, but all colors look incredible and are a great piece in your kitchen.

To foam your milk, maintain pressed the button as it foams, this allows to control how much foam you get, even though some other frothers have a turn-off and on the button, we don't see it necessary as it does this job quickly. Washing your PowerLix Milk Pro is very simple just froth some water, and its clean.

The PowerLix Milk Pro is battery operated so you won't have to deal with annoying cables, we recommend getting the rechargeable batteries like AmazonBasics AA rechargeable Batteries plus the AmazonBasics Ni-MH AA & AAA Battery Charger With USB Port for Rechargeable Batteries, this way you won't be wasting money on one-use batteries.

The seller offers a 100% lifetime warranty and will send you an ebook with your purchase.

As of May 2020, PowerLix is offering two promotions including this frother only on Amazon; first, you will get a 25% discount if you buy three products from their store and we think it's the perfect chance to buy it in bulk with family and friends or if you are looking for an upcoming house warming gift.

The second promotion will give you a 25% discount on the PowerLix Coffee Press when you buy the Milk frother, select "Add both to Cart" to automatically apply promo code COFFEELOVE25. More details under special offers and product promotions following this Link.

Happy Cooking!

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