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Top 5 portable induction cooktop + shopping guide for 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The idea of using a portable induction cooktop is becoming more popular with each passing year, they are common in Europe and are making their way to America, Asia, and Oceania.

Here is a full guide with the most popular portable induction cooktops on Amazon and a complete buyer's guide to help you find the best model for you.

Comparative table between Portable Induction Cooktop

Recommended Products and Best Rated


The first portable induction cooktop comes with great features such as a digital countdown timer, ten temperature presets ranging between 140°F to 460°F, and ten power levels.

The fast heating surface works well with stainless steel and cast iron pots and pans with magnetic bottoms.

The gold details are an elegant touch that contrasts with the black glass surface. The power is 1800 W, the compact design is perfect to take with you camping.

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High heat resistance.

Cools off really fast.

With small legs to keep it off the counter but it does not seem to heat below.

The device lets you know if the cookware is compatible.

2-year warranty.


Loud fan noise.

The beeping sound is loud and annoying (but we will overlook this point, as it is meant to catch your attention).

Tall device on the table compared to other portable induction cooktops.


This is a great option for those looking for a small and affordable portable cooktop, it is slightly tall because of the little legs but ideal for camping as it will allow the flow of air below, even though is noisy, it is not a deal-breaker, taking into consideration how affordable it is, a great choice for college dorms and people who camp frequently.


The next portable induction cooktop is one of the best-rated models on Amazon, it offers 18 pre-set levels and 17 temperature settings ranging between 140°F and 460°F with a max power of 1800 W.

The design features rounded edges for more safety and child lock settings, it's suitable for cast iron, steel, and stainless steel cookware with magnetic bottoms.

The display screen is intuitive and easy to use thanks to the large digital buttons, and the six blades cooling fan offers fast heat dissipation.

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Easy to use, intuitive control panel.

Cools off really fast.

Safety features.

Easy to clean.



Heats very fast, so have everything ready.

Not ideal if you plan to cook a lot and frequently.


This is an overall good choice for those cooking for themselves or few people, as it heats up fast you must have all your food prepared or it will waste energy, the safety features including the rounded design are ideal for a home or to travel with children.


We continue our comparison with the best model for an affordable price, this induction cooktop by Tibek offers 20 preset power levels and 15 preset temperature levels ranging between 140°F to 460°F, heats up 40% faster ideal to cook soups, stews, or stir fry.

It is compatible with different cookware such as cast iron, stainless steel, and enameled iron as long as it has a magnetic bottom.

The intuitive control panel includes a child safety option to avoid setting changes once they are selected. This budget-friendly inductive cooktop is a perfect gift for a college student to have in his dorm or to take camping.

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Easy to use, intuitive control panel.

Safety features.

Easy to clean.

Heats up 40% faster.

Doesn't take up much space.


No control over the heat, not suitable for simmering.


For $40 this is a great budget induction cooktop, you get a lot of preset levels and temperatures, as it is not so expensive is the best choice to take camping and outdoors, also this is a great appliance for college students and people who are not cooking experts.


An ideal induction cooktop for a bigger kitchen experienced cooks, and large families, the Duxtop double burner is ideal for boiling water, soups, sauces, deep frying, frying, sauteing, and many other options.

The dual heating cooktop features two separate screens to control each burner depending on your needs. It includes 20 preset levels per mode and supports different cookware such as stainless steel, cast iron, magnetic steel, and enameled iron with magnetic bottoms.

The touch sensor cooktop includes a child lock safety function, cookware detection, and overheat protection.

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Easy to use, intuitive control panel.

20 preset levels per mode.

Safety features.

Easy to clean.

Supports different cookware.


Not ideal for camping.


This big induction cooktop is the ideal choice for small kitchens and bigger families, as it lets you cook two different meals at the same time, the controls are efficient and practical, the child safety function is ideal for a family with kids, although we wouldn't take this cooktop on a trip, is perfect for a backyard meal.


The last inductive cooktop in our list is by the brand Wiland, the one burner includes 11 temperature levels, and a power of up to 2200 w, the highest in our list. This appliance will cook everything in a breeze.

Supports different cookware materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, ceramics, among others with magnetic bottoms.

The design features practical handles that do not heat, ideal to carry it around, and to take it for camping. Other features include a double heat ring, a temperature control valve, and the glass is explosion-proof.

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Heats fast.

Handles for easy carrying.

Supports different cookware.

Easy to clean.


Not ideal for camping.


An ideal cooktop for camping and outdoors, the handles are ideal to carry it around and heats up super fast, the 11 preset levels are ideal to cook different meals and supports a wide range of cookware.


We want to give you one last option with a very popular induction cooktop that you may have seen on Youtube, which is the Tasty cooktop by Cuisinart.

You can buy it in blue or black and is ideal for photos and video, if you are a content creator for food blogs or video channels, this is an attractive design that will make your food look ten times better.

Unlike other cooktops, Tasty connects to your smartphone through your phone, and using the Tasty app you will have access to many recipes with a step-by-step guide, easy enough even for new users. Also works by itself.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Connects to your smartphone.

Content creator-friendly.

Easy to clean.

Supports different cookware.


Not ideal for camping.


A fun induction cooktop with a fun design and bright color, we recommend this model for content creators, make your dishes and recipe videos or photos look aesthetically pleasing with this gadget.

Buying guide for the best portable induction cooker 2020

Still don't know which portable induction cooker to buy? In this part of the guide, I will explain everything you need to know.

Most portable tablets designed for use in small spaces, such as caravans or campsites, only have many fires. It is usually enough to meet such sites' basic needs, but if you think more capacity is needed, some of them may have two fires at once. However, it would help if you realized that this would take up more space.

When you turn on your induction cooktop and place a pan on the burner, the cooktop detects it and starts sending heat vibrations to the pan to cook your food fast and efficiently; this does not heat the cooktop surface, which is safer when using on an RV or for camping.

If you are wondering what their benefits are and why you should get one, read this article where we share our top 5 picks from Amazon and a complete shopping guide for you to pick the best portable induction cooktop.

Tips for buying the best portable induction cooktop

Follow these simple yet useful tips to find the best portable induction cooktop or ask the seller if you are going to a physical to buy it.


These cooktops are mostly squarish shaped, but their sizes vary depending on the number of burners they have, take into consideration how big is space where you may want to place this cooktop.


One burner cooktops are lightweight, but some models are on the heavier side, depending on the number of features they offer, such as cooling fans.

If you plan to carry it by car, this might not be an issue, but be careful if you plan to go camping on foot or if an older person is going to handle the cooktop.


More of an aesthetical point but is still essential for some people. If you want your cooktop to match your kitchen design, there are many different details each model offers, but in general portable induction cooktops are sleek black glass appliances.


If you want your cooktop to heat faster and stronger, look out for a burner that heats up fast, recommend a potency between 1000 and 2000 watts, and keep in mind that the higher the power, the more energy consumes.


Not all cooktops offer this, but a security system shuts off automatically if the cooktop overheats for too long. They also include a system that regulates the temperature to avoid this issue; either way, the best practice will never leave a burner unattended.


More of a trust issue according to a story between a specific brand and customer, if you are faithful to a particular brand because of their quality and customer service, you might have a winner choice already, some people are ok trying new brands and discovering new favorites too.

What are the average prices for portable induction cooktops

On average, induction cooktops are affordable and an excellent choice for those who can't afford a big stove, there are three categories.

Below $50

The cheaper models are more specific, and they might work as well as more expensive versions. Still, they might not resist high temperatures if you want to use this portable induction cooktop for cooking ramen once a day; these are great options, but you might want to look for something else for more frequent use.

Between $50 and $100

The most common range of price for these types of cooktops is that you will find plenty of models with more functions and features, ideal for people who want to cook more.

Above $100

The expensive models are in this range, and they offer all the features from the middle range and more specific function for specialized cooking, their designs and brand also influence the price.

Now ask yourself these questions to find the best portable induction cooktop.

How many burners do you need?

As mentioned before, most portable induction cooktops include just one burner, which most people tend to go for, as it is ideal for taking camping and small college dorms.

You can find models with two burners; those are great for small apartments where cooking is more frequent, but counter space is scarce, so a cooktop that is stored after use tends to be the option.

Power of the induction cooktop

Is important to note that induction cooktops do not offer the highest heat, unlike ceramic cooktops, the induction cooktop power ranges between 400 and 3000 watts, but that is not an issue, as they will cook your food fast, and once turned off they will lose temperature fast, which is ideal for camping.

What is an induction cooktop?

With similar functions to a ceramic cooktop, the heating system is different as induction cooktops use electromagnetic vibrations to heat the pan or pot without wasting energy.

How do induction cooktops work?

It applies to portable and fixed induction cooktops; they use magnetic technology that cooks food without heating the surface, but only induction compatible pots and pans will work.

Induction cooktop features

These features do not apply to all induction cooktops, but they are common among them.

  • Select which area of the cooktop surface to heat more.

  • Includes a security system to avoid overheating.

  • Allows joining two burners to use larger pots or pats.

  • Function to manually select the burner temperature.

  • Turns off automatically when there are spills.

  • Pause function to restart the cooking when you want.

Which one is the best portable induction cooktop in the market?

There is no simple answer to this; portable induction cooktops are useful appliances that cook fast and save money in the process by consuming energy efficiently. We recommend looking for the one that covers all your needs.

What to consider before buying a portable induction cooktop?

Like most products, the number of choices will make you dizzy, but fear not, ask yourself these simple questions to narrow down your ideal appliance.

Size and weight

Are you going to use this cooktop exclusively at home, or plan to take it with you outdoors? Take into consideration your kitchen space, and if you are going outdoors, frequently a small cooktop might be the best option as you won't be cooking elaborate meals.


We think this is a point as important as the first one, do you need to cook fast or does it not matter? The less power, the more time it will take for your food to be done.

Additional features

Not all portable induction cooktops include them, so be on the look for them. The most popular features include: spilling detector, temperature control, and residual heat sensor.

Extra factors

Not as crucial but essential for some buyers such as design, color, and brand.

How much energy does an induction cooktop consume?

Many people always worry about buying new appliances as their monthly bills might increase, especially with devices that change temperature, luckily induction cooktops are energy consumption friendly.

They heat up fast but don't waste as much energy; they save up 20%.

Benefits of portable induction cooktops

These are some of the benefits that the induction cooktop offer, and you should consider if you are looking for an alternative.

  • Energy consumption: As mentioned before, these cooktops will save you money by cooking fast and efficiently.

  • Cooking time: Because they heat fast, they will save you plenty of time by allowing you to cook more quickly.

  • Easy cleaning: Their non-stick glass surface is easy to clean once it cools down, use a microfiber cloth and a special cleaner to avoid scratches.

  • Practical: As they include temperature control, you can cook pretty much anything, and their portability will let you store them easily.

  • Safer: The heating part is only the one in contact with the bottom part of the pan or pot; the surrounding surface is cold, reducing accidental burns.

Why should you choose an induction cooktop?

If you are planning to change or looking for your first cooktop, consider your habits and goals, if you are a busy person, induction cooktops will save you time as they cook faster and if you want to save money are fantastic as they consume less energy.

What damages an induction cooktop?

Like all appliances, the continued use without proper care will deteriorate the cooktop, like scratches or a dull-looking glass. To avoid these issues, we recommend avoiding cooking at high temperatures for long periods, leaving the cooktop unattended to reduce spillings, or oil splashes, and cleaning the surface with specific products.

How to clean an induction cooktop?

To increase your portable induction cooktop lifespan and avoid deterioration, follow these cleaning tips.

When it is cold to touch, apply the specific cleaning product for induction surfaces, in some cases, you must wait for it to fully dry. Clean with a damp microfibre cloth and dry with another cloth.

Homemade induction cooktop solutions

Although we prefer to use specific cleaners for such delicate surfaces, there are homemade options.

A few lemon juice drops will remove stains and stuck food scraps; you can also use a damp microfibre cloth with warm white vinegar, leave it for about a minute, and rinse with a new damp microfibre cloth.

What issue could a portable induction cooktop present?

Like all appliances, induction cooktop can present some issues; it is important to take action as soon as we notice something to avoid unrepairable damages.

If you have no experience fixing electronics or appliances, call a technician or contact the manufacturer if a warranty covers your product if you notice these issues.

  • The surface does not detect pots or pans.

  • Temperature lowers by itself.

  • The display lights flicker.

  • If the glass surface cracks (a warranty might not cover the product unless the cooktop arrived with a crack), do not cook as any spilling could get inside the crack damaging the appliance further or causing an accident as it works with electricity.

Popular portable induction cooktop manufacturers

There are many manufacturers, so naming them all would be too much, here three of the most popular portable induction cooktop manufacturers.

NuWave: American company founded in 1993, formerly known as Goldstar, in 2014 changed the name to NuWave, they also sell air fryers, pressure cookers, coffee makers, juice makers, vacuum storages, grill ovens, among other products.

Cuisinart: Recommended by none other than Julia Childs, Cuisinart is a French brand that made its way into American homes with their use and beautifully designed appliances. They also sell break-makers, air fryers, blenders, can openers, coffee makers, deep fryers, among others.

Breville: An Australian brand founded in 1932 in Sidney. They deliver products to 70 countries. Their catalog includes tea makers, Nespresso machines, coffee grinders, blenders, food processors, and waffle makers, sous vide, among others.

Final thoughts about why you should buy an induction cooktop

  • Saves plenty of time as it cooks fast.

  • Saves energy.

  • Easy to carry around and to store.

  • Great for people handicap or seniors.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Great for non-experienced cooks.

  • Easy to control and with intuitive controls.

We hope this list helps you find the best portable induction cooktop to fit your lifestyle and needs, and don't forget to use our shopping guide to make an informed decision.

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