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Best pots and pans organizer ideas

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The most annoying item to organize, if you do not have a proper storage system, becomes a mess and very difficult to take out what you need efficiently. In this post, we share great ideas to keep everything organized.

Pots, Pans, and Lids are the most annoying items to organize, if you do not have a proper storage system, in this post we share brilliant ideas to keep everything organized. Here are the best pots and pans organizer ideas and tips to have everything neatly stored.

Use Them As A Decorative Piece

You can get creative and use a stair to hang your pots and pans and have them as both decoration and utensils.

Like in this photo, a black stair was used as a support piece, and with the help of S-shaped hangers, all the pots and pans can be stored.

They look lovely as a decorative piece; they are also incredibly practical as you do not have to go inside a cabinet looking for the pot you need, everything is displayed and easy to find with just one look.

We also like this method because you can customize the stair to fit your current kitchen style, an easy DIY project that needs waterproof spray paint.

Use Your Cabinet Doors

A forgotten space that could be used for something like this keeps your lids secure, and at hand, you do not have to keep looking for the lid to fit a random pot. These types of organizers come in different ways. Here are two you can choose from.

Evelots Pot Lid Storage

  • Mount the lid storage rack on any wall, or pantry, cabinet, or cupboard door. Lightweight and easy to move to any area needed.

  • Explicitly designed for pot lids with knobs. Hardware included.

  • Made of sturdy iron coated in white plastic to prevent rust. Measures approximately 10 inches length x 3.75 inches width x 16.75 inches height.

Spectrum Diversified Lid Holder

  • Three tiers allow storage for various sized cookware or plastic storage lids, and padded .brackets help protect against scratches.

  • Accommodates lids up to 10" in diameter.

  • Requires a minimum 13" wide cabinet opening.

  • Cabinet shelves may obstruct the cabinet door from properly closing when an item is used.

  • Three tiers allow storage for various sized cookware or plastic storage lids.

Use a separator so that they do not damage each other or fall

Another great to organize your pans, pots, and lids.

In this picture, the rack is for pans, but we've found shelves that can store pots and lids.

It depends on the cabinet space you have available. We like this system because everything is kept tidy and out of sight, ideal for people who dislike visual clutter or have mismatched cookware and do not feel like displaying it.

SimpleHouseware Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

  • Great pan organizer to save cabinet and countertop space, stores up to 5 pans.

  • Varied Installation: Free Stranding includes Vertical or Horizontal installation.

  • Allowed to be secured to a fixed position by inserting a screw into the bottom screw hole, hardware included.

  • Dimension: 8.75'' W x 9'' D x 12'' H, Compartments Height is about 2.5'' to 3''.

Heavy Duty Pan Organizer, 5 Tier Rack

  • Mount it vertically or horizontally depending on what best suits your kitchen.

  • Designed to hold even your heaviest cast iron pans.

  • You can easily stack smaller pans and skillets within one slot to save more space.

Hang To Display Them

Hang your pots if you want to display them.

This idea is like displaying them on a big rack or a stair, but the plus, in this case, is that you do not take up precious floor space; in fact, this solves make the most out of a kitchen island.

There are many finished to fit your decor.

Kinetic Pot, Black with Silver Rack

  • Oval ceiling mount pot rack adds style and charm to any kitchen. Wrought-iron construction is attractive and durable.

  • The removable center grid holds additional hooks.

  • Includes four ceiling hooks, four 22 inch lengths of chain, four S hooks, twelve pot hooks.

Cooks Standard Single Bar Wooden Pot Rack

  • It has a 36-inch single bar made of 2 wood tracks held by 2 (24 inches) chains.

  • Includes six swivel hooks that can be turned 360 degrees; Supports around 30 lbs.

  • Brackets/hooks are made of solid cast aluminum to match kitchen style/cookware.

  • The original wood track is durable and smooth and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall.

Cabinet Bookshelf System

Similar to the previous system where you store them horizontally.

This vertical storage system is excellent for narrow cabinets like the one pictured,

What we like about this rack is that it not only fits pans and lids but also works great for cutting boards and baking trays.

Also, they are easy to move around to fit the best spot in your kitchen.

We present to you our two picks for this system.

YouCopia Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack

  • Organize pans, platters, and cutting boards (not included) in the lower cabinet or pantry.

  • Features 7 adjustable dividers to perfectly fit items, so they remain upright and easy to find.

  • Durable coated steel wires fit securely into the base.

  • Soft non-slip feet hold everything in place.

Adjustable Compartments Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

  • Height Adjustable Pan Rack allows you to store up to seven pans and pots.

  • Easy for installation, No hardware. Just choose the way you would want to utilize the rack.

  • Made by sturdy steel construction with an elegant chrome finish. Great for Cast Iron Skillet.

  • Dimension: 9.75'' D x 8.8'' W x 17.5'' H, compartment adjustable minimum height: 1.25" and distributed height 2.5".

We hope these pots and pans organizer ideas and tips inspire to renovate your kitchen.

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