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How to organize your kitchen - A general guide

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Nobody likes a messy kitchen. It is difficult to find things when you want to cook, waste your time, or end up buying multiples of the same things, how many kitchen scissors or garlic grinders you own?

An organized kitchen will help solve this issue, by giving each item you own it's home you will always know where to store and where to find it.

This guide is just a general rule; we can't tell everyone how to have their kitchen set up because we all are different people with different needs.

Not all kitchens are the same; some are closed, others integrated into the general living space, but we can give you some general rules to help you start.

1) Gather all your kitchen items and place them where you can see them all at once

This first tip sounds very Marie Kondo we know, but it is crucial to do this before anything, if you are not aware of what you own and how much of each item you own, you won't be able to organize it, besides you will learn about your cooking and eating habits.

2) Clean everything up!

Not an organization tip but well, include it up here, you already took everything out why not clean it, put a lot of elbows grease and leave it as clean as you can, pay a lot of attention to those forgotten corners least used cabinets. We love using a mixture of white vinegar and water, but only for cabinets, do not use stone countertops.

3) Once everything is laid out on a table or the floor, make big groups

This way, you won't end by putting a slight amount of spice on a big cabinet while a random drawer can not correctly close because it is overflowing with utensils. Some simple groups to start with include: pots, pans, dishes, cups, mugs, knives, spices, Tupperware, appliances, dish rags, organizers, kitchen books, and other paper items, cutting boards, etc.

4) Decide what you keep and what you throw/giveaway/donate

Do you need three can openers? After everything together, look for multiples, discard broken items; if you have multiples in good shape, consider keeping the best one and giving away the other ones. The more stuff you own, the harder it will be to organize.

5) Heavy at the bottom, light at the top

A logical rule. Everything heavy should be at the bottom cabinets, items in this area include all pots and pans, trays, appliances, dishes (if they are a lot), glass containers.

And light items include glasses, mugs, plastic containers, spices, kitchen books or papers. Also, try to keep your most-used things at eye-level, think of cups, glasses, spices. The less you see an item, the less you will use it.

6) Containers and other organizing items

They will come in handy if you want to take your organization to the next level, all your pantry foods (cereal, rice, pasta, dry beans, sugar, flour, etc.) can go into clear containers, this will keep them fresh for longer and will let you see how much you have left before running out.

You can also find organizers for pans, spices, mugs, dishes, and cutting boards, you name it, and have an organization hack.

7) Think of your cooking and eating habits

Are you barely in the kitchen or do meal preps for a week, consider everything before organizing otherwise everything will be a mess once again after a few weeks.

If you cook little, then we recommend keeping the cookware and dishes close, if you on the hand prep a lot, you will want to have the preparation utensils at the largest space you have (a kitchen island would be ideal in this scenario).

Whatever it is, use our guide but organize, keeping in mind how you move around your kitchen.

8) Take Out, Use, Clean, Store

No matter how much you organize, if you do not follow the line above, everything will be a mess after a short while, make it a habit to use, clean, and store, there will be a point where doing this will be automatic, and you won't be even thinking about it. Most people gain a new habit after two months, so really do your best, saving you time and headaches.

Happy Organizing and then Happy Cooking!

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