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Tips for using and maintaining knives

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Knives are one of the most useful tools in a well-equipped kitchen, whether private or on a restaurant, their versatility helps us be efficient with the time we spend cooking.

As they are tools of constant use in our kitchen, it is essential to look for good quality knives and take care of them to last us for several years.

Here are some tips so that your blades are always in excellent condition.

Keep Your Knives Sharp

It is imperative to keep our knives sharp; a knife that loses its edge will not be useful when preparing food and increasing the risk of muscle injury or accidents.

Sharpening knives at home is an easy and even relaxing task; you can find online tutorials on doing that job. There is a wide variety of handy accessories to help us with that work, such as table sharpeners, sharpening stones, or steel rods.

We suggest starting to practice with inexpensive knives; you don't want to ruin your expensive knives with a poorly done sharpening job. A final option is to take them to a professional sharpener, but it is easy to DIY when you learn the technique that is not worth it.

Use The Right Knife

Not all knives are the same.

Just as important as having the knives sharpened is to have the knives for each particular cut, for example, the bread knives are serrated since a straight one loses its edge, not to mention that it is hazardous trying to cut bread with a regular knife. Likewise, a thin knife does a better job of making thin cuts of meat.

Always Use A Cutting Board

As a general rule, never use a knife should cut on hard surfaces such as marble, ceramic, or glass; it increases the risk of accidents and damages the knife blade. Ideally, use wooden or plastic cutting boards.

Don't Wash The Knives In The Dishwasher

It is common for people who have a dishwasher to use it to wash their knives. There is a problem, as knives hitting other utensils are damaged and lose the edge, and hot water and detergent damaging the finish of it. Ideally, wash them by hand with warm water and a microfiber sponge.

Proper Storage

Storing knives in a drawer without separation between them damages the blades, there are many good alternatives on the market to store them correctly, our favorites are the following.

Wooden Storage Block: The wooden blocks like bamboo are perfect because it has antibacterial properties; the classic model is the cube that goes on the tabletop and some new designs that go inside the drawer.

Stainless Steel Block: The same concept as the wooden block, but its shiny finish makes it ideal for kitchens with contemporary design.

Magnetic Knife Holder: A convenient solution for people who frequently cook, allowing us to see all the knives while making the selection easy; there are metal, wood, or rubber holders.

Under Cabinet Knife Block: Just the magnetic holder allows you to see all your knives at once; this one has the benefit that once folded, it becomes invisible, making it safer if there are children in the home.

Roll Bag: Ideal for traveling but can also be used at home, they usually come with many pockets, and each knife is safely stored.

With these tips, our knives will last us more years, and we will work safer with them.

Happy cooking!

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