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How To Clean The Freezer Naturally

The freezer is a great ally in our kitchens, being able to extend the shelf life of food allows us to buy larger quantities if they are on sale or in season, saving money in the long term or if we have leftovers, we can portion and freeze them to eat another day, so we reduce our food waste.

For this reason it is important to do maintenance and cleaning at least once every four months on average, as long as a large spill has not happened.

In this post we will share a natural and safe way to clean and deodorize our freezer, so we will keep it in optimal conditions.

Cleaning the freezer should take an hour, maybe a little longer if there have been spills. When we are cleaning, we can also take advantage of reviewing all the foods we have frozen to see if everything is still in excellent condition.

Clean the freezer unplugged. Although there are freezers that do not need defrosting, it is important to emphasize that they consume up to 35% of energy, so we leave this option to you. Furthermore, self-defrosting can affect the quality of your food.

Wait until the ice cap is about 0.20 inches before cleaning, meanwhile, put the frozen food in a container with ice so your food will not spoil. Put foods that thaw faster like ice cream in a cooler with dry ice.

If you want to speed up the defrosting process, put a bowl of hot water inside the freezer, remember to collect the water that accumulates.

When there is no ice, clean with a natural mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda in one liter of warm water, use a microfiber cloth and go over all the surfaces and doors.

Baking soda deodorizes the interior and warm water helps to remove stuck food or stains, if the shelves or drawers can be removed, wash them with a little warm soapy water. Never use abrasive cleaners or whiteners as they damage the surfaces, and there may also be toxic residues that can contaminate your food.

Make sure everything is dry before plugging in again, wait at least 15 minutes before storing your food, now you can organize everything and put the frozen food that you have stored for a longer time front and center, this way you will use it first when you cook. Allow the cold air to flow between your food and the walls of the freezer, so you will have a homogeneous freezing and reduce freeze burns on your food.

Aditional Tips

If your refrigerator has a visible coil on the back take a moment and vacuum it too, a dirty coil is inefficient, pass it a microfiber duster and vacuum all the dust that falls.

Never use a knife or a sharp utensil to break the ice, you can damage the interior of the freezer or hurt yourself.

The maintenance of our appliances is important as it is an investment in our home, with these tips you will keep your freezer optimally for many years.

Happy Cooking!

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