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How To Clean Granite Countertops

Updated: May 20

Granite countertops look beautiful in kitchens, it gives them a modern and attractive look, in addition to being an ideal material for this space since its heat resistant due to the fact that is a stone derived from volcanic magma, but do you know how to clean it? learn these tricks to make your granite look like new.

Before starting to clean with any product, we recommend you start in a hidden place, in case your granite counter is stained it will not be seen, not all granite countertops are the same, so the same product will not work equally for all even if a product you buy says so.

Never use any acidic or abrasive product for your granite countertops, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions and the ingredients of the product.

How To Clean Granite

For a daily clean up just use a soft, damp microfiber cloth, remember to clean the countertop after you finish cooking this will prevent liquids to stain your precious stone.

Periodically, you can clean it with a granite cleaner, we don't recommend home made solutions specially anything that involves vinegar or lemon, because of their acidic content they can spoil the polishing of the material.

There's two great product I can recommend to clean your granite and marble countertops, Weiman Granite Cleaner or Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector both leave your surfaces streak-free and protect the surface.

As you can see it's fairly easy to keep your granite countertops looking good, just remember to clean it after each use and don't allow any food or liquids to sit on it since those may leave stains.

Happy Cooking!

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