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30 affordable cute kitchen timers

Updated: Jul 19

Looking for a fun and cute kitchen timer? Check out this list for some great ideas!

Kitchen timers are an amazing aid in the kitchen, because we are humans and sometimes we tend to forget things, don't let that cake burn in the oven ever again. This way you can multitask, like cleaning the houswe, checking your e-mail, organizing the home without worrying about the food, because the timer will let you know.

But they are not handy just for kitchen, set them on your study to know how much you will work before one small break, they are useful for so many other things besides cooking.

Check out this cute list with some great kitchen timers, great for gifts ideas aswell.

1) Kitchen Value Pack Piggy Wiggy and Moo Moo Timers

2) Joie Meow Cat 60-Minute Kitchen Timer

3) Norpro Chicken Timer

4) Teapot Shaped Timer Clock

5) Kikkerland Penguin Kitchen Timer

6) Cute Minion 60 Mins Countdown

7) Timer Riiing

8) JTX Kitchen Timer

9) Hershey's Kiss Kitchen Timer Cooking Alarm

10) Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

11) Joie Monkey Kitchen Timer

12) Cute Ladybug Machinery Timers

13) Coffe Cute Kitchen Timer

14) MONLIYA Strawberry Kitchen Timer

15) Cute Vegetable Timer

16) Grinder Cute Kitchen Timer

17) Kitchen Timer Cute Cappuccino

18) Cute Squirrel Kitchen Timer

19) Golandstar Cute Cartoon Penguin Kitchen Timer

20) Golandstar Cute Cartoon Owl Kitchen Timer

21) Cute Cartoon Bear Kitchen Timer

22) STAR-TOP Bulldog Kitchen Timer

23) Star Wars Kitchen Timer

24) Falytemow Hourglass Green Farm Sand Timer

25) SUCK UK Kaboom Kitchen Timer

26) DC Comics Batman Kitchen Timer

27) Chicken Cartoon Kitchen Timer

28) Ice Cream Mechanical Kitchen Timer

29) Cute Frog Kitchen Timer

30) Cat Kitchen Timer in Grey

We hope this list help you find the best cute kitchen timer for your home or as a perfect present for a friend or family member!

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