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Top 10 corn stripper

Updated: Jul 19

Check out our top 10 corn stripper picks to help you find the most suitable option.

Who does not love corn? As the perfect movie snack, on a meat stew, with sauteed vegetables or even on a sweet bread, this ingredient is versatile, rich in fiber, to improve your digestive system and eye health.

Organic corn in moderation it can be a great addition to a healthy diet. Read more about corn and its health benefits HERE.

But getting those kernels is quite a hassle. Some people use knives, but if you are inexperienced, this is dangerous.

We want to share the best gadgets on the market to strip corn; we include the Amazon rating and our rating after reading all the information about each product. Happy browsing.

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Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper


Sturdy and compact, easy to store.

Stainless steel blades.

Dishwasher safe.


Won't work with big corns.

Makes a mess but if you place it on a large bowl or on the hole of a bundt pan to catch all the kernels.

RSVP International Deluxe Corn Stripper


The container keeps all the kernels from falling everywhere.

Keeps the countertop clean as the juices are kept inside the container.

Dishwasher safe


Too much force can damage the gadget.

OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper


The container holds up the stripped kernels (1 corn).

Non-slip grip for a more efficient job.

Dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel blade.


This is not for people who want to strip a lot of corn fast, as that increases the risk of slips and accidental cuts.

Works better on cooked corn.

Beaverve Corn Stripper


4 in 1, peel, strip, grate, and contains.

The bottom has a non-slip silicone ring to hold the gadget into place.

Food grade plastic and stainless steel blade.

100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


Does not fit all corn cobs.

Tends to leave a lot of corn if the cob is thin.

OXO Good Grips Corn Prep Peeler


Compact and comfortable non-slip grip.

Japanese stainless steel.

Dishwasher safe.


Takes longer to ship because it comes from China.

Circular Threshing Steel Corn Scraper


Food grade stainless steel.

Dishwasher safe.

Works for both thin and thick corn cobs.

Made in the USA.


Takes a bit of practice to get used to it.

We hope our picks help you find the best corn stripper.

Happy Cooking!

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