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How to clean the rice cooker

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Rice cookers are a great ally in the kitchen, just put rice and water, and they do the job and keep your rice warm for when we are ready to eat but do you know how to clean them to last you for many years and make your investment worth it, learn how to clean the rice cooker in this article.

If your rice cooker is new, the first thing you should do is season it; the process is simple.

Usually, rice cookers come with a measuring cup, fill that cup with fresh milk and turn your rice cooker on once it boils.

Turn it off, and when the pot is cool to touch, remove the lid and swirl the pot with the milk so it covers the entire inner surface when it cools you can wash it, the milk seals the pores of the non-stick coating of the pot, and in this way, the washing of it will be much easier.

Cleaning the rice cooker is simple, follow these tips to keep it in perfect condition. Please wait for the rice cooker to cool before washing it. We recommend waiting 30 minutes to 1 hour.

It varies depending on the size of the pot and manufacturer. For a more precise time, we recommend reading the manufacturer's manual. Trying to wash a hot rice cooker, besides causing potential burns, increases the risk of damage to the cover, especially if you use cold water. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

It is essential to remove any grain of burnt rice, wait for it to cool slightly, and clean it with a soft sponge if any rice grain has hardened, let it soak in warm water, use no metal utensil to scrape, damage to the non-stick coating is irreparable.

Wash the lid and other accessories the same way as the dishes, with a soft sponge, wash a stained glass lid with a kitchen brush, dry it with a kitchen cloth but we recommend leaving it to air dry to avoid the appearance of mold.

One last detail is to always see the inside of your rice cooker against light after washing it, sometimes it has happened to us we have cleaned the pot, but there are rice residues.

To clean the unplugged rice cooker's inner base, use a dry or slightly damp cloth, you can use soft sandpaper to remove burnt marks, we do not recommend using scraping tools as it can damage the electric part.

To deodorize the rice cooker, use a mixture of half white vinegar and half warm water, rest for half an hour, and then wash it.

We hope you find these how to clean the rice cookers tips useful.

Happy Cooking!


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