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Best tile and grout cleaner tips

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Do you know how to clean kitchen tiles and grouts where grease and dirt accumulate? It's effortless if you know what you need and how to do it, use our best tile and grout cleaner tips to help you out.

Most kitchens have walls with tiles because this is the best way to protect this room's wall as tiles are easy to clean, especially against food splashes and grease.

Thanks to their humidity, dirt, and grease resistance, they also have a decorative function. In many cases, they remove to decorate the kitchen, saving you some money along the way.

The same happens to kitchen tile grouts; they look amazing when they are brand new, but over time and we use the kitchen more and more, the grouts between tiles become darker if they were a light color if the space is too humid. With little ventilation, mold appears, and make the kitchen or bathroom not look pretty.

We tell you how to clean the tile grouts step by step and what products to use.

To make them look like the first day, it is essential to clean the tiles and the kitchen grouts at least once a week and a deeper scrub at least once every three months. They often go unnoticed in everyday life, but when they are stained, and their colors no longer look the same, they completely dazzle this space, even though we have everything else spotless.

That's why we're going to show you how to clean the tiles and the tile grouts in the kitchen and some tricks that will make the task easier.

Kitchen Tiles

We must pay special attention to the tiles that cover the front where the cooking fires because it is in this area where more grease appears every time we prepare our dishes.

First, we must remove all the objects that we may have on the countertops to avoid them getting wet and those hanging on the walls that we are going to clean if we have any decorations. This way, nothing will hinder our work.

Afterward, we advise you to sweep or vacuum the floor to remove the dust and prevent the floor from getting dirtier if water splashes on the floor during cleaning.

Now we can get down to business and put our muscles to work. All you have to do is choose which formula you want to use to clean the kitchen tiles from these selections, they all work well, it depends on your personal choice for natural or chemical products, each has their pros and cons, we leave that decision up to you.

We also recommend that you always start by cleaning from top to bottom, so that the dirt falls off and does not stain what you have already cleaned.

In case the dirt is very embedded, put a pot of water to boil so that the steam gets the grease in front of the stove softens, and then comes out better.

Clean the kitchen tiles with baking soda

This great natural option to clean the kitchen tiles uses two items most houses have already at hand; warm water with baking soda. You should dilute the baking soda and wet a sponge in that water and then rub the tiles.

You can also add a few drops of soap and oxygenated water to the solution. The combination will make the dirt come out almost by itself, mainly if you apply it to the tiles and let it act for about 10 minutes.

Clean the tiles with degreasing products

You can also choose to buy a degreasing product on the market. Sold in spray format, the application is very convenient, and you do not have to prepare any mixture. Follow the instructions on the product to achieve the best results.

Clean the kitchen tiles with vinegar

White or red vinegar is an excellent cleaning product for removing grease and disinfecting at the same time. We prefer pure white vinegar, especially if your tiles are white or a light color.

In a bowl, add hot water and one part of white vinegar for every three water parts. Mix well and use a cloth or sponge moistened with it to rub clean all the surfaces.

Once you have finished, go over the tiles with a cloth soaked in clean water. Then dry the surface.

Cleaning kitchen tiles with ammonia

If your tiles had accumulated a lot of greases or want to clean and disinfect them thoroughly or want them to regain their bright white color when they were first installed, you can prepare a bowl of hot water with ammonia.

To use this mixture, you must use rubber gloves, and the windows are wide open so that the ammonia fumes do not make you dizzy.

For that same reason, we do not consider this to be a recommendable option for small kitchens or open floor kitchens, also completely discard this option if there are seniors, kids, or pets in the house.

With this mixture, clean the tiles and then rinse everything with another cloth with room temperature water. Then dry with a cloth, make to leave your windows open for a while to ventilate the kitchen.

Clean the kitchen tiles with soap and water

The most basic mixture of all is to take a bowl, fill it with hot water and add liquid soap.

Soak a sponge in it and use the rough side to rub the dirt off the tiles. In case there is not much accumulated, you can use the soft side.

Once you have rubbed the entire surface, remove the remaining soap with a damp cloth and then dry it using a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

We recommend this cleaning for everyday use to avoid more in-depth and complicated cleaning.

How to clean the tile grouts

Over time, the tile grouts become black and dirty. It is common, and sometimes you have to pay special attention to them because the dirt does not come out with the standard cleaning we use with the tiles.

For this purpose, we can purchase special products to clean the grouts. Follow the instructions, and you will see how the grouts recover their white or original color.

For all tile grout cleaning always use an old toothbrush

With a small brush, use an old toothbrush, you will always help the cleaning product or mixture penetrate more and get more dirt off. Just make sure the bristles are not too hard not to scratch the tile or damage its shine.

You can also use some of the products we have already proposed to clean the tiles in the kitchen so that you don't have another pot in the kitchen.

Baking Soda

Take a bowl, put two tablespoons of baking soda and add water little by little, mixing it, until you get a homogeneous paste. Spread it over the grouts using a toothbrush and let it rest for a few minutes. Then remove it using a sponge or a cloth and watch the dirt being carried away by the mixture.


Mix the bleach with hot water and apply it to the dirty grouts. Any of the solutions that we propose in this article to whiten the grouts can be applied directly with a cloth or rag over the grout, and it is even more comfortable if you use a spray. You will be able to rub the area, and the cleaning will be more effective.

Certain brands in the market sell complete kits to do this. First, you must clean the wall thoroughly with water and bleach and let it dry completely. Then apply the specific product to whiten the grouts. They usually incorporate particular sponges or brushes that will help you.

These are products that color and are applied directly to the grouts. They are left to dry for at least 30 minutes (or as indicated by the manufacturer), and the grouts are as good as new.

Use the steamer

Do you have one? You'll get even better results for those over-blackened grouts like the ones in the bathroom near the shower corners and the kitchen corners or near the sink where water splashes the most. Apply any of the remedies we give you and boost the effectiveness of the products used by steam-cleaning the grout under pressure. This is for extreme cases, but if it is your kitchen or bathroom tiles, it works!

Remove mold easily

The oxygenated water will kill the mold created in some areas next to humid or wet areas that blacken the tiles' grouts. It is applied directly, and you only have to rub it with a brush. White vinegar also works against mold. Let it act for a few minutes on the grout and then clean it up.

Hot water + white vinegar + baking soda

This formula is less aggressive when it comes to cleaning blackened tile grouts. Mix baking soda, white vinegar, and boiling water and apply it to the grouts. Then, brush and rub.

Grout pen

If, despite having applied some of these tricks, the tile grouts are not as white as you would like, once you clean them as indicated, paint them with a specific marker for the task. It's easy because it will be like going over the lines.

Get your tiles to shine again

If the tiles have lost their original shine no matter how well you have cleaned them, you can re-clean them with glass cleaner. This will make them look better and brighter and also make them last a little longer. Apply the product and spread it out with a cloth or kitchen roll.

Cleaning kitchen tiles is not something you should pass up. If you go over them at least once a week using these tile and grout cleaner tips, you won't have to spend time and energy on deeper cleaning.

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