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Top 5 best hot dog cooker + buyers guide

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Check out this complete guide with the best hot dog cooker in the market.

Kitchen appliances are so diverse that we have one for every little craving we might have, and hot dogs are a popular choice.

Whether you want to cook them for your family, friends, or an afternoon snack, with these small appliances, you can do them at home and get creative with all the hot dog options in the supermarket plus all the toppings you can think of.

Read our full shopping guide and check out our comparative table to make the best decision.

Comparative table between Hot Dog Cookers

Quick tips for finding the best hot dog cooker

Follow these quick tips to find the best hot dog cooker, we have a full review below, but this is a summary if you can't read the complete guide or keep in mind while shopping.


Some hot dog cookers do more than cooking hot dogs, specific models also warm your bread, and even fry eggs, for a complete breakfast or camping meal, entirely up to your needs and lifestyle.

Material quality

Most hot dog cookers are made of either plastic or stainless steel; both are easy to clean.

If you can touch the appliance before purchasing, press the surface to see if it budges, you want the hot dog cooker to feel sturdy, if you are shopping online, read reviews that may talk about this point or ask the seller.


It might not be crucial for everyone, but some models have an amusement park or vintage look while others are modern looking with a stainless steel finish to match other appliances. Luckily, there are plenty of models to choose from nowadays.


Make sure your hot dog cooker will fit into your kitchen, especially if you plan to buy a big appliance to host events or parties, and measure the space where you plan to place it.


Always select easy to clean materials, or materials with easy to clean exterior finish, because steam and some grease are released.

How much should you spend on your hot dog cooker?

There are different price ranges in the market; we should consider how many people and how frequently they will consume hot dogs. Is it once a week or more?.

That should give you an idea of how big the appliance should be and if more features would be desired, as those details will impact the price.

Recommended Products and Best Rated

BEST SELLER - Nostalgia Large Coca Cola Diner Style Steamer

A cute hot dog cooker for Coca Cola and nostalgic people who love remembering the good old times, this diner-style steam can cook up to 24 hot dogs, perfect for prominent families or friends reunions.

The top tray can keep warm up to 12 buns, but we recommend placing them only when there are hot cooks on the lower tray because the steam will get them moist.

This hot dog cooker is quite versatile; you can also use it to steam seafood, vegetables, or dumplings. It features an easy to clean design with chrome handles to easily carry a cord storage at the bottom of the unit to store the cooker neatly.

The water tray includes a control window to see how much is left; you can add beer or wine for extra flavor, the wheel settings are intuitive with three-positions off, warm, and high. Your hot dogs will be cooked in less than 20 minutes.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Large capacity


Easy to clean

Cord storage

Cute design


Buns tend to get moist

Not dishwasher safe parts


We love the nostalgic factor of the design and branding of this hot dog cooker, is perfect for families and friends parties, everyone enjoying their favorite hot dog with an ice-cold Coke, the steamer is versatile, and you can also cook vegetables and complete meals, it is compact and easy to store.

BEST RATED - Olde Midway Hot Dog Cooker

A great hot dog cooker like the ones you see at fairs, but this model is much more compact and perfect for camping or yard afternoons with your loved ones.

The steel hot dog cooker features seven non-stick rollers that will cook up to 18 hot dogs, and it can cook all types of hot dogs, sausages, even frozen hot dogs, the control includes two separate switches to create two different temperature areas.

The back rollers can cook your hot dogs while the front ones keep the cooked ones warm, very convenient, and perfect when serving more people.

The legs feature non-slip rubber feet for extra safety and a built-in fuse with grounded US standard 120v power cord safety, and it includes a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Two temperature settings

Large capacity

Easy to clean tray

Safety built-in fuse with grounded power cord

Modern design


No bread warmer

Not dishwasher safe


A perfect sturdy and great hot dog cooker to make complete meals for you and your family, this electric hot dog roller is easy to use with two simple heat controls. It features different safety design components, and is easy to clean.

CHEAPEST - Nostalgia Pop-Up Toaster

Do you want delicious hot dogs but it's just you or someone else, there is an option for single people or couples, the pop-up toaster will cook two hot dogs at a time and toast two pieces of bread.

The design is available in two colors (red and teal), it features a power cord of 34 inches with a cord storage below the appliance, perfect for small kitchens. The adjustable settings are located to the side of the side, a mechanical stop button, and a toasting timer.

There is a drip tray that you can slide out to clean any breadcrumbs or grease, the set includes a hot dog cage, and a pair of tongs to safely remove the food.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Safety tongs and hot dog cage

Power cord storage

Easy to clean

Adorable design


Small capacity

Not dishwasher safe removable parts


If you want to cook hot dogs but fewer people or have a small kitchen, this appliance is perfect for you; it takes no space in your kitchen, and the cord storage will keep everything tidy, great for any craving, or to enjoy while watching a movie.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Warmer

We love the retro design of this hot dog cooker, perfect to host parties, the appliance can cook up to 8 hot dogs or four-foot-long, the canopy bread warmer can hold up to six buns at a time.

It features five stainless steel rollers that fully rotate to cook your hot dogs evenly; the settings include two mechanical dials, the left to turn the appliance on/off, and the right one adjusts the temperature.

Clean up is easy thanks to the removable drip tray and rollers; the compact design is easy to store.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews



Large capacity

Bun warmer

Easy to clean

Cool retro design


Requires some assembling

Can't leave unnatended


If you want to give your kitchen some retro magic, and have fun with your family and friends cooking hot dogs, this is the appliance for you, the bun warmer is a plus to have delicious hot dogs fast and easy. It is also easy to clean and store.

La Trevitt Hot Dog Roller

Made of stainless steel, this is a professional-looking hot dog cooker; it can cook up to 6 hot dogs.

The simple control lets you adjust the temperature to high or slow cook; the protective cover enables you to cook safely even on a high setting, select the slow cook setting when your hot dogs are ready, and keep them warm.

The stainless steel non-stick rollers and drip tray are easy to remove and clean, just wipe down the piece with a damp microfiber cloth with some liquid dish soap.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Safe to use

Large capacity

Protective cover

Easy to clean

Modern design


Not dishwasher safe

No bun warmer


A perfect appliance for a professional-looking kitchen, the stainless steel finish will match any modern design, its ideal to cook at home or in your yard. The design is easy to clean and compact to store in your cabinets.

Still not sure about which hot dog cooker is the best one for you? Please read our full shopping guide below.

Things to keep in mind before buying a hot dog cooker


There are some compact hot dog cooker perfect for small apartments, lofts, dorms, RV's, and homes.

Other hot dog cookers are big, ideal for backyard parties. Hosting, as they can make large batches each time, depending on the use you plan to give it, select the best appliance for you, we recommend a small or medium for most families, as they won't take much space in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.


Related to size, some will cook ten or more hot dogs at a time, ideal for parties, while smaller appliances only make two to three hot dogs, perfect for couples.


You won't have to clean them thoroughly after every use, but it is advised to clean it, after a couple of uses, to sanitize and avoid food contamination.

Ensure the exterior has a smooth surface as that makes it easier to clean, when it comes to the interior, it will depend on the design and check if you can dismount the appliance to clean it. In general, these machines can't be submerged in water, except for some parts, using a damp microfiber cloth will do the job.

Other uses and features

As we have seen in this list, hot dog cookers are quite versatile and will help you make a complete meal by warming your bread, adding value to your appliance.

What is a hot dog cooker, and how it works?

It is a small kitchen appliance to cook hot dogs of all kinds, eat them by themselves, or as a part of a recipe.

Some models include a water deposit that releases steam and cook the hot dogs; others feature a flat or rotating grill that toast the hot dog. There are also large hot dog cookers to make big batches; they are mostly used for commercial purposes.

These appliances help you create delicious treats at any time of the day and add your favorite toppings.

How to use a hot dog cooker?

If you have purchased a hot dog cooker, you may be wondering how to cook them, not all models work precisely the same, for this reason, we recommend reading the instruction manual or asking the seller, but here we share some tips if you bought a hot dog steamer.

If you plan to cook large hot dog batches for a party and your cooker includes a water deposit, we recommend heating the machine thirty minutes beforehand; it will heat the appliance.

After the water is completely evaporated, pour more water, or get creative and use beer, wine, chicken, or beef stock to add extra flavor.

Wait until the water boils, lower the temperature and add your hot dogs and bread, wait until they cooked (it usually takes between ten and fifteen minutes), and enjoy a delicious flavored infused weenie.

Reasons to buy a hot dog cooker

Fast food is a meal favorite, but it can be pretty expensive, just for one meal. Instead, you can buy a hot dog cooker and make your snacks at home.

You can enjoy a wide variety of hot dogs, and add as many toppings as you like, they are also a great appliance to host parties.

Present a table with the hot dog cooker to the side and different small bowls with toppings like shredded lettuce, carrots, sweet corn, pickles, french fries, you can be daring and also use pico de gallo or mozzarella cheese.

Don't forget the different spices and sauces; your friends and family will love the idea.

How to choose the best hot dog cooker

Nowadays, there are plenty of different hot dog cookers to choose from in the market, with different designs and finishes, great to use at home or for a small business. Here are some tips to consider to find the best hot dog cooker.


A key feature as these are electric appliances, the average power for domestic hot dog cookers is between 0.4 and 3 w, with more power they will cook your hot dogs faster, but they will also consume more energy.

We recommend checking how many hot dogs you plan to cook on average, as a higher power consumption cooker might not be necessary.


In general, most hot dog cookers are straightforward to use; steamers are also easy to use with few steps to follow. The appliances that include bread warmers will make prep even easier.

Cooking time

Depending on how many hot dogs you plan to serve at a time, if it is just you and your family, this will not matter much as there is not much of a hurry, however, if you plan to use it for parties or events, you will want a good quality cooker that doesn't take too long.


The materials it is built are the best way to determine your hot dog cooker's lifespan. We prefer stainless steel as it is easy to clean, the material lasts longer, and if it is adequately built, it will resist many uses.

If the appliance includes bread warmers, make sure they are made of steel with a non-stick coating, the same for the steamer, as they are easier to clean.


It will vary depending on how many hot dogs you plan to cook; the price varies as more hot dogs can be prepared in one batch; general toasters are the cheapest and grills the most expensive. Other things will influence the price, such as additional features, material quality, and brand name.


If you want to use it at home, you may want a hot dog cooker that matches your kitchen style or want something fun and nostalgic with a witty design.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it at events, an eye-catching design with a display will attract potential customers.

How to clean a hot dog cooker?

With all appliances, cleaning is vital to avoid contamination, or food poisoning, luckily modern hot dog cookers are easy to dismount and clean.

Always read the cleaning and caring instructions of the particular product, check if the washable parts are dishwasher safe, and clean the electric components with a microfiber cloth. If there are stains or food scraps, use a damp cloth.

We recommend handwashing as you want to avoid scratches to the surfaces and use a soft sponge with some liquid dish soap and lukewarm water.

Where to buy a hot dog cooker?

If you are planning to buy a hot dog cooker, you may be aware that there are many stores online and physical where you can get them, here are some of our suggestions.


It offers plenty of choices, and if you have a Prime subscription, it will arrive faster, their customer service is excellent, and the reviews are a useful guide.

Retail stores

Their kitchen sections offer some hot dog cookers; their main benefit is seeing and trying the product you are buying.

We hope this top 5 best hot dog cooker list helps you find the perfect model to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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