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Top 5 best electric citrus juicer + shopping guide

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Find the best electric citrus juicer in the market with our selection.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps protect our immune system, especially when the weather is cold.

You can squeeze them manually, but an electric citrus juicer is the better alternative to save time if they want to make a lot of juice or lack strength.

This selection and full shopping guide will help you find the best electric citrus juicer for your home and family.

Comparative table between Electric Citrus Juicers

Quick tips for finding the best electric citrus juicer


How much citrus juice you want to make? Will it be daily? And for how many people? The more people you will serve, the bigger capacity we recommend, as you won't have to be continually switching your juicer off to pour the juice in a pitcher.


How fast do you want to spend making your citrus juice? The faster an electric juicer works, the more energy it will consume, we recommend a juicer with a power between 80 and 100w.


Electric citrus juicers only work with these particular types of fruits, such as orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit.


Not all electric citrus juicer include this accessory, and we think it is crucial to saving you time, the filter will catch all the fruit pulp, this will save you time as you serve it directly without having to strain it.


Some juicer squeezers are made of plastic or stainless steel. Even though plastic is relatively common and affordable, we recommend stainless steel as it is stain resistant and tolerates the fruit acidity better. We will include both options anyway.


Depending on how big your kitchen is, you may purchase a larger juicer and always measure the space where you plan to store your juicer before buying.

How much should you spend on your electric citrus juicer?

If you have no ideas about electric citrus juicers prices, we have some averages.

Below $50

The most affordable electric citrus juicers usually have fewer features and lower capacity, these are ideal for small apartments, dorms, single people, or couples.

Between $50 - $100

More complete juicers, ideal for families and people who squeeze larger amounts of citrus regularly.

Above $100

Usually, the capacity remains similar to the juicers in the $50 to $100 price range; the difference is the brand, design, or additional features. If you want a high-quality appliance, this is the right price range for you.

Recommended Products and Best Rated

BEST SELLER - Cuisinart CCJ-500

Our first electric citrus juicer on the list comes from Cuisinart; this juicer includes an adjustable reamer, with three settings, low, medium, and high.

Perfect for making fresh orange juice or any citrus juice of your preference.

The auto-reversing feature makes juicing more productive, and the final spin extracts the last bit of juice, great to make the most out of your fruit.

The design is compact, great to store even in a smaller kitchen, and the exterior is made of brushed stainless steel to give it a modern look, it includes a higher spout that accommodates larger glasses and pitchers. It is dishwasher, safe, and BPA free. The set consists of a dust cover and requires manual assembling.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews



Final spin feature

Pulp control

Spout control


Loud but no deal breaker, as many kitchen appliances are noisy


Amazon's best-seller, people love how versatile this juicer is, allowing you to choose how much pulp to have in your juice, it is compact, perfect for small or big families.

BEST RATED - Tribest CS-1000

Our second choice is one of Amazon's best-rated models; it is easy to handle juicer with a simple press system, apply more pressure to get the most juice.

The stainless steel spout prevents clogs and is stain resistant; it also locks into place to stop dripping on your surfaces.

The design is compact and clean, ideal for most kitchens; the juicer includes an adjustable cord that makes storing it much easier and neater.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews



Spout control

Adjustable cord


Manual system, requires physical strenght


A compact and affordable juicer, we recommend this appliance for people who do not mind doing a bit of extra work, as it is not automatic, but for those who lack physical strength, there are better options.

CHEAPEST - Dash Citrus Juicer

Our third choice is for one the cheapest or most affordable according to the price-quality ratio.

This small electric citrus juicer by Dash is available in four colors and has 20 fluid ounces, great for a quick morning juice for your kids. It includes two reamers to use with different fruits.

The handle includes a pulp control mechanism to choose how much fiber is in your drink, and the container works as a pitcher, too, ideal to prep and serve.

The design is super compact and will fit all small spaces in any kitchen and are easy to carry.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews



Prep and serve

Two reamers

Adjustable pulp control


Not dishwasher safe


An excellent juicer for a small kitchen, ideal for quick breakfasts, the adjustable pulp control will help you select how much fiber your drink has, the dust cover acts as a lid, to store in the fridge.

Vinci Electric Juicer

The fourth pick is by the brand Vinci; the press button is ideal for people who can't manually squeeze the fruit, as it is automatic, it can detect the thickness of the grind to extract the juice faster.

The model includes interchangeable pulp filters, for low or high pulp.

All the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews



Easy to use

Automatic squeezer

Dishwasher safe

Interchangeable pulp filters


Handle with care


An ideal option for those who can't juice manually, a very easy to use the appliance with a simple button press, the removable parts are dishwasher safe. Still, they are delicate, so we recommend hand washing instead.

Luukmonde Electric Juicer

Our last pick for the best electric citrus juicer is from the brand Luukmonde.

It is the largest container on this list at 41 fluid ounces; you can squeeze as many fruits as you want and serve all your family and friends. And don't worry about overheating, the slow spin system prevents it from happening while extracting all the juice from the fruit.

It features a blue LED light to let you know that it is on, and it is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Large capacity

Easy to use

Slow spinning system

Pulp control

Quiet machine


Not suited for a few people

Metric system


This juicer is perfect for large families or friends gatherings; you can squeeze a lot of fruit and be ready to serve in minutes; the removable dishwasher parts make it a handy kitchen appliance.

Electric citrus juicer shopping guide

Still not sure about which electric citrus juicer is the best one for you? Please read our full shopping guide below.

How much citrus juice can I make?

Always check the electric citrus juicer capacity, some juicers can make more juice in one go, the more fruit you try to squeeze in a row the more your juicer motor works, if it does not have enough power it will overheat.

In those cases, we recommend buying an electric juicer with a strong motor to make more juice before overheating, otherwise, you will have to take breaks between to let your motor cool off.

Is it easy to clean?

Some materials are easier to clean than others; in general, we prefer non-stick coating, followed by stainless steel and plastic, always keep in mind that plastic tends to stain and absorb odor.

Fruit pulp

Inexpensive models will let the fruit pulp accumulate on top of the squeezer; in those cases, you have to stop after discarding the fruit scraps.

Expensive models include a separate container where the pulp is rejected; this way, you can make juice faster and notice that there will be more parts to wash afterward.

Technical questions

What is an electric citrus juicer?

Citrus juicers are a helpful gadget to make juice with ease; they work by separating the liquid from the solid, even though they are useful, not everyone likes them, because it is tiring to squeeze many fruits and requires strength.

Electric versions were invented to cover the same function as the manual version but use power to make the process even faster with a powerful motor.

Electric citrus juicer types

There are different types in the market; they all cover different requirements.

Domestic electric citrus juicers

The ones we recommend you buy for your home are powerful enough to make juice for a whole family, without taking up too much space.

Industrial citrus juicer

The largest and most potent citrus juicers, these models are capable of squeezing the fruit without cut them in half; they are not for home use, common in restaurants or bakeries.

An electric citrus juicer with a container

They take a little longer to squeeze the citrus juice because they have smaller motors, but they are ideal for single people or couples.

How do electric citrus juicers work?

There are two types of electric citrus juicer. They work in similar ways. The motor is connected to the reamer, and when you press the cut fruit against it starts to spin, depending on the model, it will rotate clockwise or in both ways.

The second type of juicer has the same function but spins much slower; this helps take out each fruit's most juice.

How to use an electric citrus juicer?

Using most electric citrus juicers is very straightforward and easy, and even though not all of them work the same, we have a general step guide.

  • Take the lid out of the machine (if it has one).

  • Select the squeezer diameter depending on which fruit you will squeeze.

  • Cut the fruit in half.

  • Place the fruits against the squeezer and start applying pressure or use the lid, some models start spinning as soon as you place the fruit.

  • For larger fruits, we recommend slightly twisting the fruits to the side if you are manually pressing it against the squeezer to get the most juice out of the fruit.

  • If you are squeezing the juice directly on a glass or pitcher, make sure the spout is lowered.

  • Repeat the process as many times as needed.

  • After finishing, unplug the appliance, take it apart, and hand wash o place the dishwasher the non-electric parts.

Benefits of using an electric citrus juicer

Some of the main benefits of using an electric citrus juicer include

  • Squeeze more fruit in less amount of time.

  • Easy to use.

  • Some models let you juice vegetables too.

  • Some models are made of non-stick materials to make cleaning easy.

How to choose the best electric citrus juicer for you?

Why buy an electric citrus juicer?

Electric citrus juicers will let you have fresh juice every morning for your breakfast or lunch, saving you time and elbow grease from squeezing manually, appliances nowadays include plenty of features to make the process fast and easy.

What to consider before buying an electric citrus juicer?


Think about your budget and find the right electric citrus juicer that covers your needs; more expensive models usually have more features. Still, in some cases, the price increase is only because of the brand or the design, if you don't care about those details, you can save a lot of money by choosing a more affordable model.


The more power an electric citrus juicer has, the more fruit it will squeeze in a short amount of time.

Necessary for a big family or people who are always in a rush, but if you plan to use it every once in a while or are by yourself, then a low-power appliance might work fine and save you money.


Some models start squeezing the fruit when pressure is applied; some other models let you select the speed and are entirely hands-free.

Some models feature locking spouts to stop the juice from dripping damaging your countertop surface or messing with the juicer base. More features will increase the price range, so consider how many of them you need.

Non-stick coating

Not essential but will save you time cleaning your juicer, as pulp and juice won't stick as much.


The bigger electric citrus juicers offer more capacity but at the same time have larger footprints, for that reason they are not recommended for small kitchens, always make sure you have the space to store your appliance before purchasing.

Additional features to take into consideration

New electric citrus juicers include plenty of new features that you may want to know about before deciding.

Automatic turn on the system

A useful feature that turns on the juicers as soon as you press the fruit against the reamer saves time and makes the juicing process much cleaner.

Anti-dripping system

Some models include a movable spout that can be lifted to stop juice drip from messing your countertop.

Pulp filter

Allows selecting the amount of juice to extract from the fruit.

Pulp removal

If the juicer includes a separate container, it will separate and discard the pulp as you juice your fruit, saving you time and keeping the juicer from overheating or damage, cleaning will be much easier.

Double rotation direction

A setup that lets the reamer spin in both directions will get the most juice out of the fruit.

Noise level

Some people might find annoying a loud working motor on their electric juicer, some models (usually expensive ones) are quieter.

Dust protection

Some models include a transparent plastic cover to protect the juicer.


Varies between manufacturers but the average is a two-year warranty, always buy a product with it, if it arrives with any factory defect.

How to take care of your electric citrus juicer?

Check the power outlet

Make sure it works and unplug them when not in use; this is one of those appliances that we may forget to unplug but will still draw energy, increasing your bill unnecessarily.

Take care of the electric citrus juicer.

Properly clean the electric citrus juicer

Keeping your citrus juicer clean will prolong its lifespan and help you create fresh juice for many years, follow these simple steps to keep it clean.

Unplug the juicer

Always unplug it before cleaning it, especially if you want to wipe the electric parts with a damp cloth, otherwise, it could cause an electrical malfunction.


All the removable accessories and submerge in lukewarm water and properly wash them with a sponge.


After washing them, make sure to dry them with a clean kitchen towel; if they have small areas that hard to clean, let it air-dry to avoid mold growth.

Clean the pitcher spout

It is crucial to keep this part clean, as juice and pulp tend to get stuck there, it might contaminate your juice in the future.

Clean the electric parts

Use a damp cloth and if it is too sticky, add a couple of liquid dish soap drops, make sure to completely dry it before using it again to avoid any discharge.

Benefits of vitamin C juice

Not only citrus juice is delicious, but they also offer plenty of health benefits, the most popular one being protecting you against cold, here are some other benefits.

Vitamin C stops free radicals from damaging your cells.

Regulates stomach acidity.

It helps in treating inflammations.

Citrus fruits are low in sugar, making them the perfect choice for people with diabetes.

  • Not medical advice, always talk to a doctor or a health professional.

Homemade citrus juice ideas

We want to give you some great ideas to make some delicious and healthy juices at home.

  • Orange and carrot juice, you can also add grapefruit and ginger to taste.

  • Orange and cucumber, add some ice cubes, and oregano.

  • Orange and ginger, use three oranges and a bit of ginger.

  • Lemon and ginger, you can also add cucumber for extra flavor.

What to do with the fruit pulp?

Some electric citrus juicers include containers that separate the pulp from the juice; if you use seedless fruits, you can use the fruit pulp to make jams or use it as an ingredient for cakes or other desserts.

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