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Top 5 best bread holders per material + shopping guide

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Find the best bread holders and use our full shopping guide to find the one that suits your lifestyle.

Even the most traditional kitchen gadgets get modernized and become more practical over time, nowadays bread holders can be found in many new models. They keep your bread fresh, but it also fulfills a decorative function in your kitchen.

Comparative table between Bread Holders

Quick tips for finding the best bread holder

Follow these quick tips to find the best bread holder, we have a full review below, but this is a summary if you can't read the complete guide or keep in mind while shopping.


The primary use is to store your bread fresh and remember that many new models offer different features, like see-through lids, to display the bread or handles to carry it around.

Material quality

A key element, the material quality will decide how well your food is stored and lasts, some of the best materials include bamboo and wood, but stainless steel or plastic work.


It might not be crucial for everyone, but if you want your kitchen to have a beautiful look, find bread holders that match your decorating style. Luckily, there are plenty of models to choose from nowadays.


Make sure your bread holder will fit into your kitchen, if you plan on buying a large bread holder, measure the space where you plan to place it, also the shape will vary depending on the bread type you plant to hold.


Always select easy to clean materials, or materials with easy to clean finish, because it's the best way to avoid mold growth, dust, or humidity.

How much should you spend on your bread holder?

There are different price ranges in the market; we think that you should consider the size of the bread holder first and then the design because some models are quite expensive based on the design alone.

Recommended Products and Best Rated

BEST SELLER - Home-It Stainless Steel Bread Holder

A popular model on Amazon, and we can see why it is modern and timeless; it will go with any kitchen design. The lid closes smoothly, and stainless steel is easy to clean material. It will keep your bread fresh.

The large capacity also lets your store other bread types and baked goods like cookies.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews



Large capacity

Easy to clean

Modern design


Not stackable

No cutting board


An excellent choice for most kitchen, the design fits all kitchen styles from modern to minimalist, it is ideal for large families as it can hold a lot of bread, and clean up is easy thanks to the smooth stainless steel finish.

BEST RATED - Oggi Stainless Steel Bread Holder

The best-rated model is great for all kitchen styles as well; the modern look in white and silver fits most designs; it has a large capacity ideal for big families.

Some of our favorite features include the stainless steel handle, comfortable open the bread holder, and the rubber feet to avoid scratches on delicate surfaces.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews



Large capacity

Easy to clean

Rubber feet


Not stackable

No cutting board


A modern design that fits most kitchens, we love the large capacity and how easy to clean it is, keep in mind that it is not dishwasher safe, but a damp cloth is more than enough; the rubber feet are a nice feature to protect your surfaces.

CHEAPEST - Prep Solutions Bread Holder

One of the most affordable bread holders is made of plastic, which is ideal for families with kids. This bread keeper includes an adjustable air vent to control airflow. The bread holder is expandable to store more bread and fit whatever space you have available.

The bread holder is dishwasher safe and BPA-free, but we have read reviews where users recommend handwashing; instead, the stylish bread holder includes a durable cutting board to make prepping easier.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews




Adjutable airvent

Includes cutting board


Might not be big enough for small families


An ideal bread holder for small kitchens is compact and can expand depending on how much bread you have, which helps save space. The adjustable air vent also helps control moisture inside the bread holder; we recommend this holder for single people or couples, might be too small for large families.

Natural Bamboo Roll Bread Holder

An attractive design made entirely out of bamboo, one of its main benefits is the antibacterial properties, which are so commonly used in cutting boards. The warm color of the natural wood finish looks great on most kitchen designs.

Bamboo doesn't need recolor or lose its quality because of cleaners or water; we recommend using a damp microfiber cloth to clean the inside.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Good antibacterial material

Large capacity


Requires a bit of maintenance


For those who want a natural-looking bread holder, this is an ideal option, as it will store plenty of bread fresh without changing its scent, demands a bit of maintenance, it is not much, but for those who want something simpler, there are better options.

Bread Box With Bamboo Lid

Our last choice is this beautiful steel bread box with a bamboo lid that becomes a cutting board, the style is classic and will go with classic and farmhouse kitchen decors. The design features two handles to carry your bread directly from the countertop to the table.

Cleanup and maintenance are simple enough, and it can hold one bread loaf, perfect for a small family. It is dishwasher safe and has proper ventilation.

Click here to read more details and customer reviews


Includes cutting board

No maintenance

Easy to clean


Small capacity


A beautiful bread box ideal for small families can also take the bread box with you when going for a picnic as it features two handles to carry it around.

Still not sure about which bread holder is the best one for you? Please read our full shopping guide below.

What is a bread holder?

A bread holder is a kitchen gadget that allows you to store your bread; some models include lids on top or liftable lids, it is essential to find models with ventilation vents to allow the proper flow of air to reduce mold growth and control moisture, to keep your bread fresh for longer.

Where bread holders originated?

They were created in France soon after WWI ended, many people did not have access to fresh food daily, so to make sure bread lasted fresh for longer, bread holders were invented to store them.

The design was different back then; they had small legs to allow airflow below, other models were wall hangers, made entirely in wood with a lacquer finish, the most elegant bread holders were made in Provence.

How to choose the best bread holder?

Before choosing a bread holder, note these two important factors to make sure you are buying the right product.


The best bread holder designs have to fulfill two main actions, protect the bread from exterior agents like bacteria or dust, but at the same time allow airflow to keep the bread fresh for longer. It will reduce the risk of mold growth by keeping it dry.


Another important feature, when choosing a bread holder, check the inside and make sure the finish is smooth; this reduces the risk of dust getting stuck, and it will be easier to clean. Some materials are better like stainless steel, wood requires a different treatment to avoid moisture, but it is an excellent bread holder choice.

How to use a bread holder?

Learn the proper way to use them to make the most out of them in your kitchen.

Keep it clean

After each use, clean it with a microfiber cloth, bread crumbs tend to fall, and you do not want them to stay inside the holder as it will go bad, contaminating your fresh bread.

Keep it close

The lid is there for a reason, to maintain your bread fresh, keep the top closed, to protect your bread from dust and bugs like flies, if you do not keep the lid closed, the bread holder has no purpose.

Don't obstruct airflow

If you place your bread holder between objects that block airflow, it won't fulfill its main purpose: to keep your bread fresh. Thus, you shouldn't put a kitchen towel over it even if it's decorative and looks beautiful.

Different bread holders

It is easy to get lost when searching for the ideal bread holder because many designs could fit into your kitchen style.

Most have horizontal designs, and some save space by being vertical, both work perfectly fine at maintaining your bread fresh and ready to be consumed.

Some other models are made in fabric; the main benefit of these bread holders is that they can be hung on the walls, and when not in use, you can fold them, saving even more space.

How to clean a bread holder?

We mentioned the best bread holder materials because cleaning it will be easier, depending on it. If your bread holder is not clean, it will not be able to keep your bread fresh; for this reason, after your bread holder is empty, we recommend cleaning the inside and getting rid of all the bread crumbs.

If for some reason, the bread inside had mold, you have to throw away the bread and adequately clean the inside to avoid contaminating the new fresh bread. We recommend using a microfiber cloth; you can damp it with rubbing alcohol as it will deodorize and sanitize the inside.

How much should you spend on your bread holder?

Keep in mind that buying the best bread holder does not equal spending a lot of money, many bread holders are affordable and top quality.

Below $30

Cheaper models, usually made of plastic and sometimes smaller, but they do their job fine.

Above $30

You can find a larger material selection, more designs, and larger sizes. That is usually the reason for the higher price.

Benefits of using a bread holder

  • Keep your bread fresh.

  • Last for many years.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Depending on the model, they do not take up much space.

  • Depending on the model, they also serve as a decorative piece.

  • Versatile designs.

We hope this top 3 best bread holder list helps you find the perfect model to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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