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80 best kitchen hacks

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

In this post, we share 80 hacks to make your everyday kitchen experience as practical and fun as possible.

Who doesn't enjoy cooking, but the truth is nobody enjoys spending the entire day in the kitchen. We want the cooking experience to be enjoyable. For that to happen, we need a nice space that looks good, is tidy and also organized practical.

1) Avoid boiling spills

Boiling water overflowing your pot can make a big mess. But there is a way to prevent this from happening. Simply place a wooden spoon on top of the pot.

2) Preserve your herbs

If you have herbs and you are afraid that they will spoil before you finish using them, freeze them in an ice tray with water or oil and they are ready when you want to add them to a stew or soup, the best thing is that you can make different combinations of herbs to create different dishes.

3) Peeling fruit in the microwave

Peel some fruits with the microwave; you just have to put them inside the microwave for 20 seconds so that the skin slips, always be aware of the power of our microwave to prevent the fruit from exploding.

4) Parchment paper cupcakes

You want to make cupcakes, but you don't have any molds on hand, use the parchment paper, and shape it by folding it into a shape similar to the mold.

5) Keep plastic wrap cool

Plastic wrap is annoying when it does not stretch properly or sticks to itself; the best way to avoid this problem is to keep it in the refrigerator.

6) Cut cherries

Place the cherry on the spout of a bottle, and with the help of a chopstick push the center, the seed will fall into the bottle.

7) Cleaning the cutting boards

Cleaning the cutting board is key to avoiding accumulating bacteria; one way to do this is by rubbing the board with half a lemon and coarse salt before washing it. More information on the best cutting boards.

Top 10 Cutting Boards

8) Preventing microwave dry food

Place a small microwaveable container next to the food, the food will heat up but will keep its moisture, ideal for french fries.

9) Salt for a cast iron frying pan

These expensive pans can rust if not correctly cared for. Rub the pans with salt instead of soap when you wash them.

10) Get the seeds out of your vegetables

Use an ice cream scoop to remove the seeds; this trick is excellent for papaya, pumpkin, or eggplant.

11) Make stainless steel shine

Stainless steel becomes opaque and permanent if you are not using the right cleaning products. Mix vinegar and water, spray the solution on your surfaces and clean them.

12) Keep brown sugar smooth

Brown sugar is delicious, but the humidity spoils it quickly, and once it hardens, it is useless. Place an orange peel or an apple slice inside the bag and put it in an airtight container to avoid this.

13) The perfect boiled egg

Crack the egg in the frying pan and put some water so that your eggs cook perfectly, they will be soft and without burns.

14) Easy peeled eggs

Peeling eggs is a nightmare, but there is an easy way, smash the egg on the top and bottom and then roll it the shell will peel off in seconds.

15) Improvised parchment brush

Fold parchment paper into several sheets and cut with the scissors to get a brush to use at the moment.

16) Homemade granulated sugar

Simply grind the sugar into a spice grinder.

17) Keep vegetables from burning

If you notice that your food starts to smoke, add an ice cube to cool the pan. The water will evaporate quickly, and your food will not be burned.

18) Molded meat cake

To make a quick meatloaf in individual portions, put them in muffin tins and bake them for the time indicated in the recipe.

19) Tea to flavor steamed rice

Want to try something different? Put a tea bag into your rice before it is cooked, it will give the rice a pleasant scent, and you can try it with different teas, green tea is our favorite.

20) Save leftover wine

You have a little bit of wine, do not throw it away, pour it on an ice cube tray and freeze it, you have perfect cubes to use in stews or any other dish.

21) Cut a serving hole

Not all boxes come with a serving hole, do not make a mess and use a sharp knife to cut a corner; this way, you will have a DIY serving hole.

22) Easy way to cut small pumpkins

Place the pumpkin in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes and after it cools peel it, just make sure to keep an eye on the pumpkin as all microwaves have different heat settings.

23) Make tomatoes last longer

Store them at room temperature, and if they do not have their stem, place them upside down; this way, the hole where the stem was will not get oxidized as quickly.

24) Make bananas ripe faster

Place the banana on a paper bag and shake it; this will release ethanol, which ripens the fruit quicker.

25) Make mushrooms last longer

Have you seen that mushrooms come in plastic trays? Do not store them like that; the mushroom's moisture will damage them, instead place them on a paper bag that will absorb the moisture and keep them fresh for longer.

26) Squeeze the most lemon juice

Keep your lemons in the fridge; when you are ready to use them, heat them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, roll them before cutting and use a fork as you squeeze.

27) Strip a corn

Place the corn on the hole of a bundt pan and cut the corn from top to bottom, this way all the kernels will fall into the pan, just be careful as the corn might not be as stable. Or use on these useful corn strippers.

Best Corn Strippers

28) Grate cheese easily

Mozzarella cheese is delicious but difficult to grate as it is greasy and soft, a good hack is to freeze it for 30 minutes before grating it.

29) Peel ginger

Use a soup spoon to scrape the skin off, much faster and safer than using a knife.

30) Grate ginger

Just like mozzarella cheese freeze the ginger and whenever you need a little bit you can easily Like mozzarella cheese freeze the ginger, and whenever you need a little bit you can quickly grate it and store it in the freezer, this will extend your ginger life a lot, just remember to freeze the ginger peeled.

31) Cut onion without crying

The right way is to freeze the onion before cutting; this is an excellent idea if you will use the onion on cooked dishes, but if you want fresh onion, bite a piece of bread; this will stop onion sulfur gas from reaching your eyes.

32) Homemade buttermilk

An easy way is to squeeze some lemon juice o pour a bit of white vinegar on milk, it won't have the same texture as actual buttermilk, but it will work.

33) Opening a stuck jar

Use a kitchen towel to have a better grip. Or use one of these handy kitchen gadgets.

Best Jar Openers

34) Cut through tomato cherries

Place them between the bottom side of two flat dishes; this will keep the tomatoes in place and give you a slit big enough to run your knife and slice them in half.

35) Non-Stick Measuring Spoon

Spray some cooking on your measuring spoon or any type of measuring utensil you will use; nothing will stick to it, works great if you measure sticky ingredients like honey.

36) Decrystallizing a little bit of honey

Honey crystallizes over time, but that does not mean it's gone wrong honey does not expire; just put the jar on a small pot with hot water; your honey will regain its original consistency.

37) Jar milk froth

Pour some milk into a microwave-safe jar, shake it well, and heat it for 30 seconds, you will have some quick foam for your morning coffee.

38) Coffee without a coffee machine

Boil the same amount of coffee and water you would use on a coffee machine. After that, let the grains settle at the bottom and pour on a cup slowly.

39) Golden egg

Shake an egg vigorously before boiling, and you will be surprised by a golden egg when you peel it.

40) Ice cream sandwich

Use a hot knife to cut through a carton ice cream container, remove the carton and place the slice between two big cookies, and enjoy.

41) Store cheese

Cut the cheese with its wrap, use as needed, and store it once again; the cover will keep it from drying.

42) Improvised rolling pin

Use a clean empty wine bottle as a rolling pin.

43) Best way to reheat pizza

Want to bring a pizza flavor and smell back, do not microwave, lose its texture instead of heat on a pan.

44) Clean the Nutella jar

Pour some warm milk and shake it around, perfect morning drink out from the jar.

45) Clean tomato jar

The same method as with Nutella, but instead of milk pour water and swirl it around, use the liquid on your stew or soup.

46) Celery wrapping

To make it last for much longer, wrap it in aluminum foil.

47) Apples and potatoes

Store them close to each other, apples release ethylene, which stops potatoes from sprouting.

48) Homemade whipped cream

Add a pinch of salt to milk and beat vigorously, you will have whipped cream in some minutes.

49) Onion and avocado

To stop the avocado from browning store together with a piece of onion.

50) Fresh pineapples

To keep them fresh for longer, store them upside down; this way, the juices will not settle at the bottom. Works for other large fruits like papayas.

51) Cabbage

To peel cabbage leaves quickly smash the vegetable against a cutting table.

52) Stop fresh-cut fruit from oxidizing

Squeeze some lemon juice over the fruits like apples or avocados. This will stop them from browning as fast.

53) Remove eggshells

Using your fingers to remove eggshells is difficult; instead, use the eggshell you just cracked to remove them as it works like a magnet; make sure the shell is clean before trying.

54) Remove excess oil from stews

Have you seen that layer of grease on top of casseroles or soups? A simple way to remove it is to use an ice cube tray and, with the help of a spoon, move it around and when it solidifies, remove it.

55) Peel potatoes easily

An easy way to peel potatoes is to let me cool off on an ice-cold water bowl, this will separate the potato from its skin, just rub your fingers, and the peel will slide off.

56) Remove fruit seed

Cut the fruit in the middle, then twist the fruit; this will dislodge the seed, making it easier.

57) Ice coffee

Don't heat your leftover coffee a second time. What we recommend is to make ice that you can use in cold drinks.

58) Smart freeze

Always freeze in small portions. This way, you will only thaw what you will eat and prevent bacteria from entering your food.

59) Accidental cuts

If you cut yourself, rinse with cold water, and then cover the thin layer's wound that protects the onions. It will stop bleeding right away.

60) No food waste

If you've bought too much, make sure you store your food the right way, make the most out of your freezer. More information in this useful article on how to store fruits and vegetables.

How to store fruits and vegetables

61) Homemade broth

Try not to waste food; meat bones and vegetable leftovers can be perfect for making broths and turning them into the soup.

62) Homemade compost

Go one step further and use the vegetables and bones from the stock, to make some compost and keep your plants healthy.

63) Smelly Tupperware

Fill them with newspaper balls and cover them up. Wait a couple of days, and the stink will be gone.

64) Store Tupperware

Store them without a lid to make sure they don't concentrate on bad odors and always wash them with hot water.

65) Remove grease from pans

If you cooked with oil or some fat, pour some water into the pan and heat it. This way, it will be much easier to wash it. More information on kitchen grease.

How to Clean Kitchen Greasy Surfaces

66) Sharp knives

Keep your knives sharp to reduce accidents as you prep food, more information on the market's best sharpeners in this blog post.

Best Knife Sharpeners

67) Odor-free utensils

The best way to wash chopping boards and spoons or spatulas is with hot water, chlorine, and dishwashing soap. Dry them in the sun, so they don't absorb the color of your food.

68) Do you want perfect slices of goat cheese?

Instead of a knife, use a string, and it won't fall apart.

69) No chili burn

If you handle chili peppers, we recommend that you rub oil on your hands and wash with soap and water after finishing. That way, they won't burn later.

70) Best avocados

In case you only find the green, wrap them in newspaper and keep them for a couple of days in a dark place.

71) Grated butter

If you want to spread butter on your morning roll, but it's too hard, Grate it, and it will have the same effect.

72) Fresh eggs

An excellent hack to know your eggs' freshness is to put them in a bowl of water; if they sink, they are fresh, and if they float, they are not.

73) Salt

Try to consume sea salt or kosher salt as they are much healthier than regular salt.

74) Spaghetti ladle

Use the whole it comes with to calculate one serving.

75) Frozen onion

If you buy in bulk, chop it by hand or even faster with a chopper and freeze them in small batches, this way you have a ready onion to make any dish you want.

76) Frozen green onion

The same idea, freeze it chopped, and it will be ready to use on a pico de gallo or miso soup.

77) Parmesan stock

If you have the peel of parmesan or any other type of cheese peel, store it in the freezer and boil it when you are making stock, it will intensify the flavor. Just make sure the cheese and the skin are 100% organic.

78) Perfect popcorn

We love popcorn, but it needs to be fresh to pop fast. Otherwise, it will burn; if yours have been in the pantry for too long, soak them in some water for 10 minutes, dry them thoroughly, and be ready to pop.

79) Fruit at hand

Leave your fruit always in sight and ready to eat. If you have a bowl of cherries in the fridge, a few slices of watermelon or melon or bananas in the fruit bowl on the counter, you'll want to eat a lot more.

80) Hairdryer to the rescue

If you have just washed the strainer and need to use it to sift dry ingredients, use the hairdryer. Hot air is much more useful than dishcloths, which will not eradicate the moisture (which would make the flour, cocoa, or icing sugar stick).

This was a long list, but we hope these 80 best kitchen hacks help you save time in the kitchen and make your cooking experience pleasant.

Happy Cooking!


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