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10 Ideas to Organize a Small Kitchen

Updated: 6 days ago

The kitchen is never big enough to cook and store all the necessary utensils. Even if we have a large counter, it is never free of appliances and things to prepare food. If you live in an apartment it is even worse because kitchens tend to be tiny.

In this selection we are going to show you things you can do to use all the space you have in the most efficient way so that the table is free.

Magnetic bottles

You need spices to season your meals, but there's no room to put them. These magnetic jars are the perfect solution for a small kitchen. All you need to do is buy a magnetic strip at the hardware store and the magnets to stick on the lids. You can stick them directly on the fridge or any other space.

More space in the dishwasher

To give you more space around the dishwasher, buy sticky baskets to put the sponges and washing soap in. That way you can put the dishes and glasses where you couldn't before.

Hang the utensils

To make more room in the drawers and on the counter, you should hang up the spoons, tongs and large utensils. You can buy a construction rope or a rack to hang them on the wall.

Use the wall

Take advantage of the empty spaces on the wall and build or buy a shelf to put the dishes on. This way you will have more space in the cabinets to store the appliances. You can use the height and width you want to store your dinner or dessert dishes.

Pot rack

This is an ingenious way to keep those huge pots and pans out of the cupboards. Buy a hanging rack and install it on the ceiling or wall.

Cabinet divisions

This is an easy and inexpensive way to double the space inside the cabinets. Buy the divisions in a home improvement store. There's no need to measure them because they're so easy to fit. All our cabinets have them!

Floating shelves

They are sold everywhere and are easy to install. We've got one on top of the dishwasher, the stove and on any free wall we can find. We love them!

Above the cabinets

That empty space above the cabinets is ideal for storing things you don't normally use. For example, we bought glass jars like the ones in the picture and we put there the tea, spices, coffee, flour and extra rice that we buy on sale.

Behind the Doors

We love this idea. If we have the doors, why not use them? Magazine racks are ideal for storing tin foil, plastic and even bags.

Knife magnetic wall band

We are really excited about this idea because we think it's great. All you have to do is buy a magnetic knife strip from a home improvement store. Install it on a wall and you're done. You'll have plenty of room in the drawers to put whatever you want.

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